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2022 to 2023, online from Essex, UK

Cherie joined my online membership group wanting help prioritising ‘my self-care amongst lots of other commitments / responsibilities. I was also interested in learning more about energies / yoga / yoga nidra / crystals / soothing the nervous system, which I haven’t seen covered in other groups.

‘I also value that the group is run by an experienced therapist whose qualifications, professional registrations and congruence I respect and feel trust in. I like to feel I’m in safe hands.

‘I have greater awareness of my inner critic/expectations of self and consequently more likely to ease off the pressure on myself. Greater acceptance of where I am at life stage as a woman with fluctuating hormones and difficulties with perimenopausal symptoms and less likely to fight this or feel I have to apologise to others in my life who have not experienced this. I have more coping strategies –especially letting nature hold me when I feel in chaos and not able to “hold” myself not anyone else really understand.

‘That small steps or just one thing in the “right” direction is enough (and more likely to happen).

‘Learning about yoga nidra and the benefits of sankalpa. I also use the different breathing techniques I’ve learnt to help relax, sleep when I wake up in the night and also to calm if I’m feeling stressed whether I’m driving or ‘doing’ something where a full on relaxation technique isn’t practical.

‘Having a 8pm cut off time to give my brain time to wind down before bed. Seeing sleep as a celebratory thing rather than a bit annoying as I’d rather continue “doing” as I don’t generally sleep that well. Listening to my body and taking naps if I feel I need it. There are so many things we have covered in the group that I find affirming and fit with my own values and how I like and want to live my life. When I look after myself I am better able to be there for others in my life, eg family, clients, anyone else and that is really important to me. Work in progress!

‘On a very personal level knowing I can be held by nature when I am feeling really bad has helped me enormously to stop struggling trying to find answers in myself when I am not able to find them in that moment.  Also my sankalpa of ‘simplify’ has also helped when I am feeling overwhelmed (which happens a lot!).

‘It is very supportive and you go at your own pace. Lovely members. You learn tons and get to try out lots of different self-care tools some, of which will resonate more than others but no pressure, you take what you need and want to. It is ok if you have never done yoga nidra, crystals, EFT etc. Eve is more than happy to give extra tips/resources if wanted (although there are already tons of resources).  It may take awhile to get the hang of fully relaxing into the yoga nidras if you have no idea what to expect, but it will come in time. I have really benefitted from the membership.’


Essex, March 2014

Investment banking is notoriously stressful and women, still being in a minority when it comes to leadership roles, face extra challenges. So I was really pleased to be asked to come in to facilitate a bespoke wellbeing at work workshop for the Brentwood office of Bank of New York, Mellon. They wanted to show support for the women in their office (men were welcome, too) by promoting self-care and stress relief to mark International Women’s Day, 2014.

I put together an outline that encompassed some psycho-education around what happens to the body and brain when we get stressed along with some breath work, some bodywork to help them honour the fight flight impulse in appropriate ways (rather than doing what so many of us do and suppressing our stresses until they potentially make us ill), using mindfulness of body and breath to improve mood as well as some life coaching and NLP tips around scheduling and time management. I also ensured there would be time for sharing as, ultimately, it’s about their experiences and they know their worlds better than anyone. This was approved and I delivered the workshop I’d outlined. The organisers had created a friendly safe space and participants felt able to safely share some of their experiences around their biggest stresses and what helps. While they were all open to experimenting with the different tools, I think the sharing alone was beneficial as some seemed to realise for the first time that they’re not alone.

‘Everyone found the session to be a useful exercise in stress management,’ says Imogen Goodchild, Business Change Manager for BNY Mellon. ‘It was re-assuring to hear others share their experiences of trying to juggle family commitments and a career. Eve offered a safe environment for the sharing of mutual frustrations and challenges which everybody enjoyed and benefitted from. Many confessed that despite holding similar level positions to their husbands/ significant others they still felt responsible for the lion’s share of the home responsibilities too.’


Leeds, April 2015

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) is one of the most respected professional bodies for counsellors and psychotherapists in the UK. As a psychosynthesis counsellor and coach-therapist, I’m an accredited and registered member myself.

From 2014 to 2019, I served on BACP’s Coaching Executive. First as their Specialist for Communications, from January 2017 to November 2018, as Chair and then as a Past Chair.

I was asked to share some ways to help therapists and coach-therapists better support themselves (and, as a knock on, their clients) so put together a proposal.

Drawing on my various holistic therapies (including psychosynthesis, life coaching, NLP, EFT, coach-therapy, yoga therapy for mental health and even, for those who wanted to at the end, crystals), I outlined a bespoke workshop to support professionals who spend their working lives being there for others.

It was chosen as one of the conference’s Self Care Strand workshops. Initially expecting about 25 people, I was later asked if more would be acceptable so I adapted the workshop a little. I wanted to share as many self-help tools as possible while holding the space for a larger number.

On the day of the main conference, 48 people attended my self-care workshop. They were a lovely, open group, happy to experiment with different mind, body, heart and soul techniques. As with so many caring professionals, understanding the benefits of their self-care for others seemed to help motivate many to prioritise their own wellbeing that bit more.

My 90 minute workshop came at the end of the first day and some of the relaxation offered a way for participants to wind down a little before the majority headed home (some stayed on for BACP Coaching’s Day the next day).

‘I would once again like to thank you for being part of our BACP Practitioner Conference,’ said BACP’s Events Organiser, Jade Ingham-Mulliner.

‘I really appreciate you taking the time to come and present to our members. ‘On the evaluation form, we asked delegates to rate the presentations they attended out of 10, 10 being the highest score. After this, I collated the scores and calculated an average. Your presentation scored a very pleasing 8.6. We are really pleased with the feedback we have received regarding your presentation so thank you.’


AgeUK (Lewisham, London)

AgeUK Lewisham got in touch wanting me to help some of their staff better manage the stress involved with looking after a vulnerable population. I put a proposal together outlining potential workshops lasting a day, half a day or 90 minutes.

They opted for the half day workshop and I went to south London to work with the small team. As well as some psychoeducation around what happens to the body and brain when we’re stressed, I shared several self-care tools, also facilitating a space for them to share with each other. They were already a cohesive team and were willing to experiment with a wide range of tools including some NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), yoga and mindfulness.

‘A big thank you from the team for your session,’ said their manager, Camilla Biggs, afterwards. ‘There was a lot of really positive feedback and people wanted me to pass on how useful and very personalised to their individual roles and feelings on techniques for self-care you were.’


Confidence – Confidence coaching for writers workshop

‘When I got my book deal, I returned to my notes from Eve Menezes Cunningham’s coaching workshop and it helped remind me that I am a writer. Re-reading the exercises also stimulated my confidence and helped me when I felt stuck.’ ~ A

Miraculous Self care coaching and energy reading

‘I have been practising the Law of Attraction for the last 5 years. There is still so much I have to learn. Throughout my life journey, I at times become stuck and when things are not going right, I tend to question where I am at and why. Although I know I am on the right path to greater things, I wanted Eve to help me to bring clarity and help me to refocus.

‘During the session, I expected to realign myself, clearing any possible blockages and being able to ground myself. This would then cause me to successfully manifest my desires. The meditation, which was designed to bring in healing golden light energies which then brought me to my Higher Self was valuable.

‘The card reading, which I also loved, provided clarity. I felt so calm, positive and happy during and after my session. I was impressed at how well it worked over a video call, especially the card reading. I would highly recommend this session and Eve to friends and clients. Eve was fantastic. Her voice is soothing and she has a wonderful healing energy.’  ~ Caroline, online

Self-care online programme

‘Your voice, warm kind face and bucket load of knowledge that you somehow share with us as if we were the only person you are helping is something I have never experienced before. Thank you for showing me the tools to help me feel grounded. Even when I struggle to dream big, I can think of you or pick up your fabulous book.’ Veronica, Essex

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