Confidence and self-esteem

S – 4 life coaching sessions

‘Life coaching… “Pah!” I thought. But I gave it a go anyway and am so glad I did. In four sessions (including the initial consultation), I walk tall, shine from within, smile, am confident and feel that I can tackle the world. Eve Menezes Cunningham managed to find the old me again. It was just well hidden and needed to be uncovered. So, thank you so much, Eve.’

K – telephone coaching with NLP, weekly for a few months

‘My weekly NLP coaching sessions with Eve Menezes Cunningham have been such an inspiration. She manages to turn every negative thought into a plan for action – though she makes you work hard to come up with your own solutions. Her tips and insights are clever, effective, and produce results. When I’ve been in challenging situations, I have used her techniques to get over my fears and doubts. I even found myself laughing at how ridiculously and needlessly defeatist I had been. Eve brought blessings to my life. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to get on and achieve their real potential.’

S – telephone coaching

‘Another wonderful session – thank you so much! I’ve gained some really unexpected insights and motivation from our sessions, and am delighted to be feeling more positive and confident about my work.’

P – telephone coaching, fortnightly for a few months

‘I really feel I’ve benefited from your coaching. You’re doing a great job and the Session Summaries are a great help. I really liked your option of session times and the choices of their regularity. The main thing I notice is how intently you listen, I’m often surprised how accurately you come back on something that I’ve said. It’s been excellent. I already feel I’m benefiting significantly, and I look forward to speaking to you again.’