More confidence and self esteem


Weekly then fortnightly then monthly (for 15 months)

‘I feel like I can handle whatever might come my way. Once again, I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me and with me through this really hard time. There were times when I could only see the darkness but you’ve helped me change my life.’


‘When I began my journey with you I was feeling stuck and confused as to which direction I wanted to take in my life. I knew I did not have a sense of fulfilment in my present job and was looking for a change; at the same time I was thinking I needed a house move. I felt confused and wanted to have the opportunity to talk through what was keeping me from moving forward.

‘From the first time I spoke to you on the telephone I felt you were going to be good for me as I sensed your empathy straightaway. I was at first reticent about online therapy because I couldn’t imagine being able to do therapy whilst not in the same room together, but I told myself to try it and then to ascertain whether it would work for me or not. From our first session together I felt so at ease with working online that I forget we were not technically in the same room for it seems as though we were. I love the fact that I don’t have to leave my home and travel to another place. Working online is so easy.

‘I find you so lovely to talk to, putting me at ease with your natural empathy whilst challenging me kindly, often with humour. I love that we can laugh together which I find so therapeutic in what can sometimes be challenging times. I have learnt so much from your knowledge of the human condition and relationships that I am able to notice my own patterns of behaviour and that of others. This insight has been invaluable to me in helping me to learn to trust myself and in knowing what is my responsibility and what belongs to another.

‘As the weeks progressed I have become more aware that my inner self has been trying to get my attention for some time. I love that you have given me the freedom to look at myself and to challenge some of my thought and behaviour patterns whilst helping me to understand where they have originated from. Working together I am learning to cast away bit by bit that which belonged in my past but which is keeping me stuck in the present.

‘Therapy with you Eve is so much fun and does not seem like hard work when putting things learned into practice following our sessions.  It feels empowering. Working [with the body] has given me strength at times I have needed to take control of my self care in relationship with others, both at work and my personal life. As a result, I have at such times felt taller with a sense of strength and lightness within.

‘I especially love how you remind me of celebrating my achievements and being kind to myself. This is something I have been able to do for others but rarely, if ever, have I considered rewarding myself. My usual stance would have been to downplay my achievements. I am loving rewarding myself and I thank you Eve for showing me that I have a need to love myself and for giving me back my own permission to do so.

‘I now have more confidence to speak up when I need to and learning to take responsibility for myself and not to be unhealthily overly responsible for others (still a work in progress).  Working with you I have learnt so much about the power of listening to my body and being curious as to what it is my body to trying to tell me.  Your constant reminder to me that I am human is teaching me how not to invalidate nor betray myself by beating myself up but to congratulate myself whenever I catch myself behaving or thinking old familiar patterns.

‘I believe you tune into to my feelings in the moment and go with what I am bringing at each session. I really feel I have come a long way since I started working with you and I am full of gratitude. I now feel excited in continuing to get to know the real me. The grounding techniques you have taught me are helping me to feel so much calm within as I continue the process of fully accepting myself. Thank you Eve for your kindness and support.’


‘Life coaching… “Pah!” I thought. But I gave it a go anyway and am so glad I did. In four sessions (including the initial consultation), I walk tall, shine from within, smile, am confident and feel that I can tackle the world. Eve Menezes Cunningham managed to find the old me again. It was just well hidden and needed to be uncovered. So, thank you so much, Eve.’


Weekly for a few months

‘My weekly NLP coaching sessions with Eve Menezes Cunningham have been such an inspiration. She manages to turn every negative thought into a plan for action – though she makes you work hard to come up with your own solutions. Her tips and insights are clever, effective, and produce results. When I’ve been in challenging situations, I have used her techniques to get over my fears and doubts. I even found myself laughing at how ridiculously and needlessly defeatist I had been. Eve brought blessings to my life. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to get on and achieve their real potential.’


‘Another wonderful session – thank you so much! I’ve gained some really unexpected insights and motivation from our sessions, and am delighted to be feeling more positive and confident about my work.’


Fortnightly for a few months

‘I really feel I’ve benefited from your coaching. You’re doing a great job and the Session Summaries are a great help. I really liked your option of session times and the choices of their regularity. The main thing I notice is how intently you listen, I’m often surprised how accurately you come back on something that I’ve said. It’s been excellent. I already feel I’m benefiting significantly, and I look forward to speaking to you again.’


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