Eve Menezes Cunningham online counselling

CASE STUDY: A ~ face to face and online Self care coaching and psychosynthesis counselling

A started working with me with weekly face to face counselling sessions due to a toxic work situation. My move meant we moved to online. After making enormous changes to her life, A moved to fortnightly then monthly sessions.

‘Thanks Eve and thank you so much for all your support and resources over the last few years. I’ve really enjoyed working with you.
‘It was helpful to feel I had someone on my side. I liked the structure of sessions, use of imagery, Cat Coaching, resourcing and [postural feedback] “Power Posing” and intentions for each week.
‘It’s hard to describe the difference in my life from feeling scared, anxious and depressed constantly to how I feel now. I’m talking to myself more kindly and listening to my body.
‘Your profile really spoke to me and made me instantly feel I could work well with you. Thank you again for what has been a life changing relationship. I know where you are if things start to get difficult.’

You’re exceedingly welcome A

A ~ coaching with yoga

‘I have really enjoyed the yoga therapy for mental health and wellbeing sessions with Eve Menezes Cunningham. They have made me stop and listen into what my body’s telling me and not just ignore and punish myself into doing stuff. “Be kind to your body” is a phrase which rings in my mind. I’ve learned to feel more able to be kind to myself, not forcing myself. I’ve thought about my responses, tuning into those feelings and being receptive to how yoga can help with my anxiety, incorporating it as part of my routine. It’s been helpful to understand the science behind it. I feel she also has great patience in approaching this slowly and monitoring it.’

CASE STUDY: R ~ short term online coaching with EFT

R got in touch because she felt jinxed and wanted to deal with this ongoing sense that anything good would be followed by something terrible.

We arranged a time to Skype and I explained a little about how EFT works, where to tap and other practicalities. After talking a bit about her issue, we began with the tapping.

By the end of the first 90 minute session, R sounded much more positive and energised. I emailed her some notes and a reminder of the points and set up statement so she could experiment with it herself on an ongoing basis.

‘I found the sessions really helpful because they moved me forward and really clarified my thinking,’ says R. ‘It was really helpful to articulate the negative things I believed about myself, felt quite daring to affirm unconditional love for myself and also very helpful to move from negative thoughts into “tapping” with more positive thoughts and discoveries about myself.

‘For me at a time when I was feeling “jinxed” it was particularly good to recognise how much of this was coming from inside myself – and how I’d let this affect my choices and my behaviours.

I especially loved playing with the idea of parts and the use of metaphors really worked well for me. I had quite a significant breakthrough realising that it’s fine to be aware that it may still rain (ie, things will go wrong) but that doesn’t have to curtail all my activities. I can still move indoors and carry on regardless. I don’t have to believe that it won’t rain in order to make things happen for myself. I can equip and prepare myself to be ready for issues that arise.

‘I also realised how much of my time I spend trying to be what I think other people want me to be, and this whole session made me more appreciative of how I can use my individuality and my idiosyncratic behaviours to my advantage rather than trying to fit into an imagined notion of what I must be.

‘Lastly, I really found you a very relaxed and hugely engaging person to work with. It felt like a fun exploration of possibilities – like two equals working together. I really appreciated the way you shared the intentions behind so much of what you were asking me to do – and recognising that some of it may feel strange to someone who is still very new to the concept of tapping. Thank you so much.’

CASE STUDY: N ~ coaching with yoga

‘I was experiencing a tough time and had a lot of back to back events coming up that were making me very anxious, my previous therapy sessions were useful and I enjoy the relaxing effect of yoga, so the two combined in yoga therapy seemed ideal.

‘It calmed me and got me through all my big events. Plus I have good/useful ways to help me everyday. The de-stress yoga positions and mindfulness worked best and I loved the Yoga Nidra.

‘I’ll continue to use all of it in some form: Definitely the Sun Salutation cycle and de-stress yoga positions. I have set aside a nice space in my bedroom to start practicing meditation.

‘Every morning as I wake, I practice mindfulness and I also do this at night before bed, to allow myself to relax and not stress about things out of my control. Thank you for the calm place to relax and great techniques to help me through.’


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