Cat Coaching for Self Care #5: Know that You’re Furnomenal

Hi. Rainbow MagnifiCat from, here again (as translated by Evie). If someone told you how furnomenal you are, would […]

Essential Supports for Self Care

It’s all about the trees at the moment. Having planted them last Sunday, we staked them so they’ll (hopefully) grow […]

Self Care for Our Own and Others’ Narcissistic Wounding

Since a certain person in a powerful position was running for said powerful position nearly four years ago, people have […]

When You Let Yourself Dream Big, What Helps You Anchor It?

I’m using my move as an example because I’ve spent so much of the past few months wondering if I’ve […]

How Sheep Can Help You Sleep

What we see in our mind’s eye is so important when it comes to sleep. If we watch the clock […]