More Simple Self Care Coaching for Lockdown 2.0

Have you noticed that there’s a spectrum? When you’re riding high on the coronacoaster, you might think, ‘This is OK! […]

Some Self Care Lessons and Reminders from Climbing My First Mountain

Of the many things that appealed about Westport (when becoming a Brexile and looking for somewhere to move to in […]

Indoor Sessions Coming Soon

For today’s Monday Motivation blog post, am feeling especially motivated to sort indoor sessions. I adore online self care coaching, […]

2 Night Sleep Retreat at Westport Country Lodge Hotel, Westport, Co Mayo, Ireland

We need our sleep. It helps us process memories, recharge, improve cognitive function, feel happy, well and rested and when […]

Cat Coaching for Self Care #5: Know that You’re Furnomenal

Hi. Rainbow MagnifiCat from, here again (as translated by Evie). If someone told you how furnomenal you are, would […]

An Overview of My Trauma Sensitive Yoga Approach for One to One Sessions, Classes and Workshops

Westport friends! Anyone who’s remotely interested in yoga but feels too bewildered by the vast array of styles on offer […]

Self Care Coaching When You Feel Like You’re Out of Your Depth

I’m between moves and it’s another big week with a lot happening. I’m grateful for all of it but I […]

The Sea and My Sobriety

18 years ago, I’d had minor surgery for finally diagnosed endometriosis but while no longer in daily pain, was still […]

Connecting with Your Inner Mountain

I don’t know if you can see the cows in front of the mountain in the background – there was […]

Discerning the Best Way Forward, Baby Step by Baby Step

I don’t know if it was obvious from the video above but I didn’t know when I was filming it […]