Welcome to My New Westport Self Care Coaching, Therapy, Supervision, Yoga (and More) Space

Some call therapy the ultimate in self care. It’s not always easy but it’s a commitment to ourselves to show […]

Self Care Coaching to Help You Climb Life’s Metaphorical Mountains

When you think about the decade, year, month, week, days and hours ahead, what metaphorical mountains are you aware of? […]

Self Care Sunday: 7 Self Care Resolutions for November

If any of these resonate, feel free to adopt them yourself: light the fire even if (or especially) it’s Just […]

What Motivates You to Take Better Care of Yourself?

These views mean I have no problem getting out for at least a walk every day. Exercise On days I […]

A Self Care Mindfulness Meditation to Help You Identify and Allow ALL the Feelings

This meditation (in today’s video) is adapted from one from Thich Nhat Hanh. It’s one of my favourites and I […]

When Not Getting What We Want is for the Best

For the best part of nine months, I was looking at a house online at least once a day and […]

Self Care Coaching When You Feel Like You’re Out of Your Depth

I’m between moves and it’s another big week with a lot happening. I’m grateful for all of it but I […]

What Are You Best at Listening To? Your Mind, Body, Heart or Soul?

I can’t believe how resistant I was to going for a bike ride today. I know how lucky I am […]

Leaps of Faith

This time three months ago, I’d been in limbo for months. I’d signed the paperwork to exchange in January, the […]