Happy Lughnasadh!

Lugh’s honouring of his varied interests and talents is helping me clarify my own offerings this week. I hope the […]

Cat Coaching for Self Care #14 ~ Make Yourself Comfortable for the Duration

Mew. Rainbow MagnifiCat back from selfcarecoaching.net (as translated by her human) with more cattitude for people concerned about Covid19 You […]

Reminding Myself that Yoga is a Way to Become Friendlier to Our Bodies and Minds

This morning’s view from the yoga mat was a lovely reminder of seasons, cycles and other things that impact. I […]

Couch Coaching: Do You Do What You Can to Help the Best Come Along?

Another day, another episode of Grey’s Anatomy I felt I had to blog about. Today’s inspiration, Link. Aka Dr Atticus […]

Couch Coaching: Are You Motivated by Love or Fear?

In today’s Couch Coaching blog post, I’m imagining Angelina Jolie’s Malificent coming to me for online therapy. We’re all always […]

Is Your Inner Self Care Police Person Draining Your Motivation?

Self care isn’t about adding yet more pressures to attempt to live up to

Cat Coaching for Self Care #1 – Make the Most of Those Comfort Zones

Hi, I’m Rainbow MagnifiCat from selfcarecoaching.net Self care comes easier for us cats than it seems to for humans. I […]