REPOST FROM MEDIUM.COM Some Thoughts from a Trauma Therapist (and Survivor) on the 6th January Insurrection Attempt Anniversary Reflections

I shared this (much longer than usual post) on and am including the link HERE

Simple Self Care Solutions for When You Want to SCREAM

I had an unexpectedly delightful day on Sunday. It made me feel that extra 9 weeks or extra 9 months, […]

Has Something Ever Taken Longer than You Thought it Would?

Lockdown? A project? Anything at all? I’m cackling to myself that I had thought that I’d have finished two book […]

Where’s Your ‘Edge’ Today?

In yoga, we often talk about going only to our ‘edge’ – too little and we’re not pushing ourselves enough. […]

Cat Coaching for Self Care: How Can You Face Your Fears Head On?

Hi, Rainbow MagnifiCat from again (as translated by my human). Evie has been transfixed by me and next door’s […]

Cat Coaching for Self Care: Stop Telling Yourselves How You SHOULD Be Feeling

Hi there, Rainbow MagnifiCat here again, from (as translated by my human). Sharing some more feline wisdom for you […]

Messages of Hope for Life After Coronovirus (Covid 19)

One of the best memes I’ve seen about Covid (apart from the ones about valuing society’s key workers and treating […]