Happy Lughnasadh!

Lugh’s honouring of his varied interests and talents is helping me clarify my own offerings this week. I hope the […]

Self care ideas to help you change direction when needed

Pretty much everything I write is to help me process the world myself and (hopefully) do better moving forward. If […]

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Transform (Or Simply Upgrade) Your Life in 2022 With One Simple Self Care Practice

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How to Go from Self Loathing to Wishing Yourself Well

Metta Makes Everything* Better At least, this is my experience having had an at least once a day (first thing […]

Wouldn’t it be Great if Transforming Ourselves was as Easy as Creating Our Facebook Avatars?

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Highlights from Resilience Week 2

My own resilience has been tested a lot this week – beaurocracy around moving countries. In spite of everything, it’s […]