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Yoga and Meditation for Self Care

‘Eve is a wonderful yoga teacher, kind, compassionate and knowledgeable in her subject. I thoroughly enjoyed her trauma sensitive workshop and took a lot from it. With 365 Ways to Feel Better, Eve has provided exactly what we need – 365 ways to feel good every day! I have bought and recommended this to friends and students – it has something for everybody!’ ~ Emma Turnbull, studio owner and yoga teacher and trainer at Yoga Wise attended a trauma sensitive workshop for yoga instructors with me in Essex, January 2019

For several thousand years, people have been practicing yoga and meditation. Modern neuroscience is now able to measure what people in India and elsewhere knew all along.

I’ve been practicing yoga and attending classes since 2001. I’ve been teaching for years (since 2013) and am always conscious of how much I don’t know. While I’ve studied, trained and practiced a lot and intend to continue to learn and practice yoga for the rest of my life (I can’t imagine starting the day without my yoga and meditation even if it’s a short practice), I still have so much left to learn.

There is so much jargon around yoga – I don’t want to add to it but in case this is helpful information, the yoga I share comes from the Hatha Yoga tradition (although technically, any physical practice could be described as Hatha).

Still, I love sharing ways in which we can use these ancient practices to not only help ourselves feel better in the moment but to create lasting improvements.

My introduction to yoga, in 2001, was wonderful for pain relief but painful emotionally as I’d be sobbing in Savasana.

Since then, of course, I’ve learned a lot about how effective yoga can be in helping with post traumatic growth as well as regulating (feeling better) in the moment.

You don’t need to be flexible, strong, have great balance or stamina. Every body can be befriended and working patiently, you can not only build flexibility, strength, stamina and balance but, with practice, rewire the brain and retrain the nervous system.

As well as teaching and including yoga and meditation (mostly mindfulness) in some of my workshops and events (most memorably teaching 120 people some basic breath practices and a little chair yoga at a BACP event), I do a lot of work with individuals who like the idea of mindfulness and body work they can do themselves (as well as other benefits including better concentration, strength, stamina, fitness and flexibility).

I work with individual clients and facilitating workshops and I’ve been teaching yoga classes (mostly for beginners, of all ages from late teens to 80s) since 2013.

The emphasis of my sessions, retreats, workshops and classes is mindfulness and self-care. Using the body to help people learn to calm down, relax, ease anxiety and stress, prepare for sleep and energise and lift their moods.

When we speak, you can book some online yoga and meditation on its own or have it as part of your telephone or online coaching, telephone or online counselling process if you’re finding yourself blocked in any way.

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