I see online integrative clinical supervision as not only a professional and ethical requirement but an essential form of self-care.

I love helping integrative practitioners (counsellors, coaches, yoga therapists and other multiskilled practitioners) honour all they have to offer, better support their clients and work more effectively, ethically, creatively and collaboratively.

My coaching approach, when appropriate, can also help you with your overall practice.

By multiskilled therapist, I mean practitioners who offer more than traditional talk therapy.

Maybe you integrate coaching, body work like yoga or energy psychologies like EFT and NLP.

As well as being a certified integrative clinical supervisor, I’m a counsellor, life coach, therapeutic coach, yoga therapist, NLP Master Practitioner, certified and accredited Advanced EFT Practitioner and a crystal therapist.

While you may still need specialist supervision for areas of your practice I’m not qualified in, I can support you in holding your whole practice.

Online or telephone integrative supervision can help you reflect on it as well as on yourself as an integrative practitioner and, of course, your clients.

I offer online or telephone integrative supervision to:

* psychosynthesis counsellors

* integrative counsellors

* therapeutic coaches

* life coaches

* integrative coach-therapists

* Personal Consultants

* somatic awareness coaches and therapists

* yoga therapists

* EFT practitioners

* NLP professionals

* bodyworkers and

* energy therapists.

Working within BACP’s Ethical Framework

A BACP accredited counsellor, I’ve served on BACP’s Coaching Executive since March 2014 and became Chair in January 2017.

An ongoing priority for our members is finding good supervision. I provide supervision in accordance with the BACP ethical framework for good practice in the counselling professions.

Available monthly and ad hoc.

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