Psychosynthesis counselling and psychosynthesis coaching can help you become all you were born to be. Psychosynthesis counselling and psychosynthesis coaching are available by telephone and secure video conferencing online.

expand your emotional landscape with online psychosynthesis counselling

As your online psychosynthesis counsellor, telephone counsellor or psychosynthesis coach, I’ll:

* listen to you, offering a safe, healing and potentially transformative space

* support you in making lasting changes

* challenge you when I notice things that may be contributing to your struggles

* help you understand how to break patterns you’re already aware of

* support you in identifying ways in which your unconscious is holding you back (for example, working with stress, anxiety, sleep issues, self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, unprocessed trauma, grief and loss) and

* support you in unpacking some of your baggage so you can choose what you’re ready to continue on life’s journey without while repacking the rest so it’s easier to carry.

My approach as a psychosynthesis counsellor, psychosynthesis therapist and psychosynthesis coach is flexible, tailored to you and your needs at this time. You are more than the issues that have you seeking counselling support. After an initial 90 minute session, telephone or online psychosynthesis counselling or psychosynthesis coaching sessions usually last for 60 minutes each. These are held at a mutually convenient time which, ideally, will remain the same each week. Psychosynthesis counselling and psychosynthesis coaching bring mind, body, feelings and spirit together, working with each person as a whole.

Often described as a ‘positive psychology’, ‘psychology with soul’, transpersonal counselling’ and ‘a holistic approach’ psychosynthesis counselling is as interested in people’s potential as in their wounding and limitations. This is part of the reason psychosynthesis coaching works so well.

While its roots are in psychoanalysis, it is also a transpersonal psychology (aware that we’re more than just our personality) and draws on person-centred humanistic approaches, too.

Now psychosynthesis counselling is coming into its own. With the increasingly popularity of positive psychology (the study of how people excel and flourish), more people want to feel better than just OK (and they are willing to do the work – which can stir up some painful emotions during the process – to do that).

Online or telephone psychosynthesis counselling and online or telephone psychosynthesis coaching can help you learn more about how your body, mind and emotions work together. It can support you not just during your counselling journey but long after you stop having telephone or online psychosynthesis counselling.

The amount of counselling you have will depend on the kind of issues you want to work with. This may change along with your circumstances as the work progresses. Most clients work with me for between 6 weeks and 6 months. Some continue for years. For some issues and clients who know exactly what they want to focus on, Single Session Therapy is enough. It depends on what is going to be most beneficial for you. We can talk about your expectations and hopes for the process when you get in touch.

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