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You can click the image above to see more of this segment I did for ITV News on using vision boards to help bring more clarity around next steps

Having personal telephone life coaching or online life coaching sessions is a bit like having personal training sessions in that I will help you identify areas of your life you want to improve and support you in taking the steps you need to make your goals a reality.

The transpersonal element of this type of coaching (should you choose to work in that way) includes working with the ‘beyond the person’ part of you, the highest part of yourself that is ready to maximise your potential, be all you can be, and to allow your Miraculous Self to support you as you flourish and shine.

John Whitmore (click HERE to read my interview with him) and Hetty Einzig define transpersonal coaching as a style that ‘recognizes and works with the yearning, ingrained in the human psyche, for something beyond the personal, beyond the material and the everyday. This may be expressed in many different ways, through spiritual and ethical practice, through creativity within and outside the workplace, through volunteering, community work and other forms of service.’

As your online life coach or telephone life coach, I’ll help you by:

* listening to you in order to identify transformational goals as well as baby steps and any obstacles

* supporting you in making lasting, sustainable improvements

* teaching you how to tune into your own inner guidance

* challenge you when appropriate

* encourage you to experiment with different ways of approaching your life, work and relationships

* teaching you about motivation and the brain as well as practical tools so you can ultimately become your own coach and

* offering unlimited email support between sessions to help you stay on top of things.

I work with clients from a wide range of spiritual, religious, agnostic and atheist backgrounds. I love helping clients better tune into their soul’s purpose and believe that, with the right support, we can learn and grow from even life’s most challenging events. Online coaching or telephone coaching can involve working creatively (using imagery, archetypes, crystals, crayons, mindfulness and more) as well as using more traditional life coaching tools and techniques such as goal setting and motivation.

I qualified as a life coach in 2004 and, since then, have enjoyed supporting clients wanting to improve different areas of their lives, work and relationships.

Although coaching and counselling have their differences (as well as many similarities), I am qualified and experienced in both and, if deeper issues emerge through coaching, I can work integratively as a therapeutic coach (coach-therapist), blending different approaches to help you put the past behind you while creating a future you’ll love (rather than having to stop the process to refer you on to another counsellor or coach).

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