Crystal Coaching for self care

We can potentially work together one to one and I also integrate crystals (both Crystal Coaching and crystal energy cleanses and meditations) into the Personal Peace online membership

Listen HERE to my tips on using crystals to support self care on BBC Birmingham (5/11/18)

What is Crystal Coaching?

I developed Crystal Coaching as part of my final year project during my crystal therapy training (from 2001-2004).

It combines crystals with coaching so you’re taking practical steps towards the life you want to be living and using the crystals to help you connect with your Self – that part of you that’s sometimes known as your Miraculous Self, Higher Self, True Self, Atma or even simply your inner wisdom.

While crystal therapy can be very powerful, I love helping people learn how to choose and use the stones themselves. They offer extra energetic support as clients and workshop participants improve their self care.

As well as working with individuals, I’ve worked with groups (including trainee complementary therapists in Sarajevo, Bosnia, trauma survivors in London and beauty therapists in Manchester).

Whether or not you believe in the potentially healing energies of these beautiful stones, if you’re drawn to them, they can be wonderful visual and kinaesthetic anchors.

Crystal Coaching can help you stay focused on your goals and take the necessary actions to manifest and sustain a happier, fuller and more peaceful life.

Crystal Coaching offers meditative support, grounding, anchoring and a link to your inner wisdom.

Crystals can aid relaxation and sleep, support goal setting, enhance meditation and act as a catalyst for the body’s natural healing processes. 

When we are relaxed, our bodies are naturally primed for regeneration, rest, recharging and repair.

Crystal coaching can help you:

* learn how to listen to your Self to discern what will support you best in any given moment

* learn how to choose, cleanse and dedicate stones for self-healing and goal setting

* choose crystals to help you sleep well

* choose crystals for extra energetic support when dealing with stress. anxiety and trauma

* create a holistic lifestyle to support you in getting the most from your crystal coaching sessions

* benefit from crystal therapy to support your body’s natural healing processes and

*combine crystals with other supportive self care tools.

Rocks and crystals do more than simply look good. They can be used for grounding, clarity, protection, purpose, manifestation and much more.

If you’re drawn to crystals and like the idea of using them as a  complementary therapy or for meditation, they’re likely to support you in that process. 

If you’re not, I don’t imagine you’re reading this page (but if you are, you might want to find a complementary therapy that resonates more for you). 

Crystal therapy and Crystal Coaching are complementary (not alternative) therapies. Please always seek appropriate medical advice and support.

Crystal Coaching is available online, by telephone. 

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