How my services can help you

Would you like some support dealing with anxiety, stress, trauma or sleep issues?

Maybe you wish you had more confidence, resilience or you’re craving more purpose, meaning and joy?

My holistic approach can help you create and sustain a more peaceful, fuller and happier life

All by learning to take better care of your Self.

Whichever service you choose, my focus is on supporting your self-care and Self care (helping you connect with and take better care of that highest, wisest, truest, wildest, most miraculous part of yourself) so you can continue helping yourself long after we complete our work together.

All my work is collaborative and if you have an interest in my other therapies, you can experience elements from them, too.

Online psychosynthesis counselling

Online psychosynthesis counselling is usually (certainly at first) weekly, 60 minute sessions. For some people and issues, single session therapy is an option.

Psychosynthesis is a transpersonal psychology. It’s also known as a psychology of hope.

The progress you make depends a lot on what you do between sessions and I’ll support you in helping yourself. 

Some people transform their lives in a short few months, most take more months and some continue with less frequent sessions for years.

I’m a BACP Senior Accredited Supervisor of Individuals and IACP Accredited and Registered psychosynthesis counsellor and supervisor.


Online trauma therapy

Online trauma therapy sessions are weekly and last for 60 minutes.

For some people and issues, single session therapy is an option.

Online trauma work has some limitations but is very effective for many people and different types of trauma.

Most of my trauma therapy clients are adult survivors of abuse and I work with other kinds of trauma, too.

Through our work together, you’ll learn how to support that part of yourself that is already whole, healed and working towards post traumatic growth

As well as traditional talk therapy, you’ll learn how to support yourself with a somatic approach (including trauma sensitive yoga therapy) and, where appropriate (and wanted) energy work including EFT


Online self care coaching

Sessions are usually weekly to begin with, lasting 60 minutes but we often move to fortnightly or even monthly.

For some people, occasional one off breakthrough coaching sessions are enough.

Self care coaching brings in other coaching approaches and therapies as appropriate (and wanted), too. These options include therapeutic coaching (aka coach-therapy), life coaching, yoga therapy, mindfulness and other mind body practices, NLP, EFT and crystal coaching

By prioritising self care, you can feel better even on the bad days, knowing how far you’ve come. You can learn to help yourself feel better in the moment and decide if and when you want to dig deeper, too.

When (if) you choose to, you can learn to connect with the richness and potential that the darkness offers. The more we heal our wounds, the greater the potential for joy and delight.

Practical self care can include making time for what matters to you, using your energy levels wisely and giving yourself permission to identify and express what you want and need.

There’s much more to you than whatever you’ve survived or are going through. A part of you is already whole – no matter how broken, anxious, triggered, exhausted or stressed you feel.

Self care coaching also offers a wonderful way to connect with your creativity, potential, resilience and inner joy


Yoga therapy for mental health

Online yoga therapy sessions are usually 60 minutes long but can, for single session therapy be longer.

Normally, they are fortnightly or even monthly. Sometimes weekly.

It depends on the level of support you want.

My favourite thing about yoga therapy is that it’s body work you do for yourself.

It gives you the tools to transform your physiology and, with practice, to rewire your brain and retrain your nervous system.

Research backs up the benefits of yoga and mindfulness but it’s a practice and depends on you putting in the time between sessions and after we finish our work together.

Whether you’ve never even tried yoga or meditation before or you’ve been practicing for decades, our sessions will help you become friendlier with your own body and mind.

I work with humans of all ages and genders.

The focus is on the mental health benefits and even if you don’t think you can do yoga, you CAN learn to be kinder to your body and mind and get physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits.

The trauma sensitive approach is especially good for not only managing but transforming (for the better) your relationship to your Self, anxiety, sleep and trauma. It also aids resilience, confidence and can help you connect with that inner sense of purpose, meaning and joy

Face to face yoga therapy sessions will be available again in Westport, Co Mayo, Ireland soon.


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