Moon Mná Women’s Celtic Circle (online from Westport) ~ The Morrigan Birth, Death and Rebirth Burlá Ghuí


The Morrigan is the least known, understood and most feared of the Irish Celtic Goddesses.

Yet she is the one that affects us all at key times in our live. She offers us the wisdom of the eternal Birth, Death, Rebirth cycle.

We’ll come together to understand these crucial phases of life and co-create a ‘Burlá Ghuí’- a ‘Prayer Bundle’ to the Morrigan as we acknowledge her teachings in all their glory.

So often in life we experience the mini ‘births’ of new phases of life such as studies and careers following the mini ‘deaths’ of leaving our childhood, teenage years and the mini ‘rebirths’ of new relationships and Mother/Crone years.

The Morrigan teaches us how to honour, respect and complete these while allowing spaciousness for moving on to the next phase without the old blocking the way.

Come to experience the powerful energies of like-hearted women creating a Celtic ‘mandala’ to this Cycle as we release, learn and welcome in together.

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Please log on a few minutes early for a prompt start and bring:

  • pen and paper / journal
  • pieces of nature that symbolise Birth like a bud or emerging flower
  • pieces of nature that symbolises Death like some dead bark or a dried leaf and
  • pieces of nature that symbolises Rebirth like a few seeds. Also, any Memorial cards of your loved ones. A fresh egg OR a pine cone if vegan. A squeezy bottle of honey (or vegan friendly alternative – I use agave or maple syrup)
  • Some fire ashes or safely burn some paper with a candle and save the ‘ashes’
  • 3 sheets of biodegradable wrapping paper to place your Burlá Ghuí in. Ideally Spring colours such as yellow and light green are good also black to represent Death
  • Twine to tie it with afterwards
  • Also, biodegradable hand wipes.

I’ll send you the Zoom link on receipt of payment – please include your full name in your booking. No refunds so please get in touch before booking if you have any questions.

The €16 includes a €1 booking fee.