Monthly Membership

20,00 for each 1 month

Each week, I hope you’ll join me for a LIVE SELF CARE COACHING CALL:

  • We’ll work with seasonal energies (eg the Celtic Wheel and lunar cycles) to help you make the changes as easily and enjoyably as possible.
  • You’ll be able to explore what helps you most and what you can release.
  • The calls last about an hour and I encourage you to block off some time afterwards to ground what we’ve done. You might want to journal around the insights from your own Highest Self / Miraculous Self / True Self / Self / Wild Self as you’ll have just been connecting with it during the call.
  • If you can’t make the group calls, I don’t record the entire sessions but do for the mind body practices and journal prompts. You’ll be access the EFT Tap Along video, Yoga Nidra, card and crystal readings and the other self care coaching tools we discuss via a link later on.

Each week has a different focus:

  • During mind weeks, we’ll work with intentions, mindset and goal setting. We’ll also look at ways in which you can harness the power of your unconscious mind.
  • During body weeks, you’ll learn ways in which you can connect with your body’s wisdom in a safe, fun and sustainable way. These sessions include a bespoke Yoga Nidra.
  • During heart weeks, we’ll work with the emotions as well as ways in which you can connect with what makes your heart sing, loved ones, your wider community and, of course, with the world at large. We may all be social distancing / self-isolating at the moment but connection has never been more important. These sessions include a bespoke EFT Tap Along.
  • During soul weeks, we’ll work with your dreams and explore what may be trying to emerge from life’s lessons at a soul level. We’ll also work with oracle cards, crystal coaching and other readings.


What is the Feel Better Every Day online membership programme?

It’s a self care coaching programme designed to help you integrate self care into your daily life in an enjoyable and SUSTAINABLE way, specially tailored for you.

You’ll have access to weekly live self care coaching calls as well as email support.

These group online sessions will include self care coaching as well as meditations, journal prompts, yoga, crystal coaching, EFT, NLP, yoga nidras and more. If you can’t make the calls, you can access recordings of the practices in your own time and at your own pace.

YOU’LL be the one noticing what you resonate with most, what brings the biggest rewards, what you find most challenging etc etc.

You’re the one grounding the practices into your daily life.

To help you do this, I’ll be helping to keep you accountable as well as helping you to explore (with compassion and curiosity) what gets in your way and how you can integrate more of what helps you feel better both in the moment and longer term.