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Are you great at holding space for others (clients, family, friends, employees, patients, students, communities etc) but sometimes (often) neglect your self and your Self*?

The Personal Peace online membership is designed to help you:
* manifest your dreams and goals
* improve your mental and physical health and wellbeing and
* contribute to a more just, sustainable and peaceful planet.

For just €39 per month (9 per week), the Personal Peace online membership includes:

  • Weekly Embodied Wellbeing and Personal Peace emails every Monday morning. Designed to help you start each week prioritising your personal peace, there are journal prompts and other self care ideas as well as information about the week’s theme and live self care coaching call. There’s something for everyone, wherever you are in terms of time, energy and mood and schedule.
  • The Personal Peace email includes a reminder to check the Personal Peace online members only blog post for the week with additional prompts and information about the evening call
  • Access to ALL the benefits of the Extra Embodied Wellbeing paid subscriber Substack membership
  • Weekly live self care coaching (excluding Irish bank holidays) on Monday evenings at 7.45pm Irish time (same as London time) to help you ground the week’s theme and create a lovely, indulgent routine to start the week by focusing on your dreams and goals, mental and physical health and wellbeing and deep relaxation to support better sleep
  • Personal coaching with me through joining the live self care coaching calls (or perhaps sending pre-submitted questions and comments to help me tailor the mind body practices for you even if you can’t make the live call) AND, private dialogues through the Reflective Feedback form
  • Video replays of the guided meditations and other mind body practices. The personal parts of the self care coaching elements of the calls aren’t recorded but you can watch/rewatch the recordings in the members’ area as often as desired. Some weeks, you might choose to repeat that week’s Yoga Nidra every day
  • Instant access to a rich archive of more than a hundred videos of meditations, mind body practices and more which you can dip in and out of at your convenience.

You don’t need expensive candles or fancy (or austere!) long retreats to connect with the divinity we’re ALL part of. To potentially co-create a life beyond your wildest dreams.

The weekly live self care coaching calls help you stay committed and focused. In these calls and, privately via the reflective feedback emails, I’ll support you every step of the way.

The weekly calls also include unique guided meditations (Yoga Nidras and others) to help you connect with your inner joy.

With practice, it will also enhance your intuition and help you harness the power of your unconscious mind.

Each one is designed to support you in making your dreams and goals a reality more easily, peacefully and enjoyably than you might have imagined possible.

By carving out even a little space for yourself and your Self each week, you make this time and space more habitual. You’ll be (with practice) creating new neural pathways that make taking better care of yourself and your Self* more natural.

And you’ll become better at connecting with your inner wisdom, taking each next best step.

You’ll also learn to work in harmony with your nervous system.

You’ll learn the benefits of doing more of what feels good for your mental and physical health. You’ll get more discerning about what brings you inner and outer peace.

Getting to know what brings you joy and becoming better at identifying those things can become a brilliant GPS to help you tweak or even transform your life for the better.

In addition to self care coaching and a wide range of mind body practices that support different things, the weekly Yoga Nidras help to lower blood pressure, improve your sleep, and boost dopamine by up to 70%.

This deep, indulgent relaxation not only helps you feel better but also cultivates the mind, reduces rumination and enhances motivation,

You’ll be reminded every week that there’s so much MORE to you than whatever mental and physical (and other) struggles you face and this will help you handle all you need to deal with from a more empowered place.

An enormous amount of stuff is coming up for healing.

From the effects of poverty and ill health to wars, the climate emergency, the need for so many marginalised groups to have to fight to be heard and to gain the most basic of rights… it can feel exhausting.

By practicing the Yoga Nidras and connecting, each week, with the limitless, expansive part of yourself, it enhances that sense of connection not only with your Self* but with the world at large.

Mind body practices like Metta meditations (covered in some of the live calls with several videos already in the archive you gain immediate access to when you join) help us transform our energy from worry to loving kindness.

You’ll learn to work with your energy to stay present and grounded without getting hooked into despair.

Designed to honour nature’s cycles (including welcoming your whole self and YOUR energy cycles) there’s no falling behind with the Personal Peace online membership.

Stages inspired by the ebbs and flows of the ocean offer different options and actions each week depending on your energy levels, mood and available time.

Croagh Patrick mountain the Reek reflective feedback personal peace

Learn to support all your moods whether turbulent and choppy or calm, reflective or breezy.

While you’ll benefit the most by engaging fully, your whole self is very welcome.

You can rock up in your pjs if you want to!

It’s a safe space where YOU can be held. Let go and relax.

All levels are welcome. These are practices that get easier.

And, of course, the more you practice when you’re fairly relaxed, the more likely you’ll be to remember them when life feels more charged and stressful.

The Personal Peace online membership is suitable for beginners as well as people with more experience of meditation, energy work, somatic work, yoga, therapy and coaching and personal development.

Whether you have 5 minutes, 15 minutes, an hour (for the live self care coaching call) or an hour and a half (for the Reflective Feedback which incudes some private coaching with me around the experiences you care to share), you’ll become more likely to create little pockets of peace by amping up your self care each day, week, month and year.

If you can’t make the live self care coaching calls (with unique mind body practices and indulgent guided relaxations) on Mondays (excluding Irish bank holidays) at 7.45pm (Irish time) you can watch the videos at your own convenience.

If you DO have longer, you might choose to watch the videos and indulge in your favourites of the unique relaxations and mind body practices again.

There are also more than a hundred videos in the archive that you have access to if you want to explore further!

Make peace with:

* Yourself: Make peace with your WHOLE self. Learn to welcome and heal your shadow parts. Find the courage to celebrate your gifts. Let yourself shine.

* Your past: Process and heal your trauma history. Make peace with your inner child/ren, old relationships and regrets. Heal your Attachment style to become (seriously) more secure.

* Your present: Reduce overwhelm and depletion. Avoid burnout. Learn to be more mindful and present.

* Your future: Create a future you’ll love. Find peace in and learn to take joy in the journey towards your dreams, goals and ongoing healing.

* Your mind: Make peace with your mental health. Explore your limiting beliefs. Stop overthinking. Befriend your inner critic. Remember you’re so much more than your thoughts.

* Your body: Make peace with your nervous system. Honour your body’s wisdom. Improve your body image. Learn to embody peace, confidence and ease.

* The world: As you become more embodied, reconnect with nature. Contribute to wider healing. Support your family, friends, clients, patients, employees, communities from a whole hearted space. Make your activism (for peace, social justice, the environment etc) more sustainable for you. Know that you make a difference.

* Your heart: Heal your relationships, past, present and future. Improve your relationship with yourself. Find compassion for yourself and others. Remember we’re all connected. We’re ALL part of the Divine.

* Your soul: Make peace with your spirit. Let yourself dream big. Connect with that part of you that’s so much more than all you’ve survived, all your struggle with, all you worry about. Welcome all the feelings. Welcome all the parts. Make peace with your whole Self.

Much as I adore my life now, I used to struggle so much, my motivation for training in everything I offer (up until the integrative counselling and coaching and supervision) in order to make my OWN life feel more bearable

What began in 2001 as a way to help myself has evolved into this work that I adore.

What felt like life saving self care practices to help me endure life sober, in daily pain with a chronic health condition, trauma flashbacks, anxiety and my general angst at being alive gradually shifted.

The practices that worked best for me became habits.

Over time, I retrained my nervous system and rewired my brain** I had found happiness, ease, peace and joy.

From my earliest training (crystal therapy, which, again started as pain relief for myself when hospital prescribed painkillers weren’t helping me), I wanted to support people in helping themselves.

I didn’t want them to depend on me or anyone else.

My practice evolved with the coach training, different therapies and supervision as well as the writing.

Back when I started out as a freelance journalist and life coach and complementary therapist (adding additional therapies – including psychosynthesis counsellingyoga therapy for mental health, NLP, EFT and supervision as I qualified in them), in 2004, I thought I was going to be mostly writing about some of the amazing peace and social justice activists I’d met (Marianne Williamson, Gloria Steinem, Scilla Elworthy, Jane Fonda, V (formerly Eve Ensler) and so many others).

In reality, starting out as a freelance journalist with no contacts but a lot of motivation, the features and columns I got commissioned were mostly about psychology, health and wellbeing.

I called it ‘personal peace’ long before I started calling what I did self care and Self* care coaching

I figured it was a small contribution to global peace, freedom and justice because in better supporting ourselves (and our Selves*), we’re better able to take responsibility for the energy we bring to the world.

Our increased capacity for love and compassion for all would lead to each of us contributing to world peace in our own little ways. Others agree! 

Writing the book, 365 Ways to Feel Better: Self-care Ideas for Embodied Wellbeing (White Owl, 2017), which I was fortunate enough to launch at London’s Coliseum, helped me get clearer about how my varied offerings make sense for people who appreciate a truly holistic approach.

I love my life and my work and having been able to go from barely being able to help myself to helping so many people

Everything I offer helped me when I felt broken beyond repair.

I love being able to share these tools with others and the Personal Peace online membership means I’m able to support more people than I could with my (pretty much always at capacity the past few years) small private practice.

It also means I can offer more tailored support than I can with my workshops, talks, classes and writing.

It’s a way to offer busy people who are so exhausted from doing all the things for all the people to take that time for your Self* and prioritise your own health and wellbeing.

* I have read about the effects of these practices and neuroplasticity and feel the transformation enough to say I’ve rewired my brain but I haven’t had a recent fMRI to measure what feels like enormous progress scientifically

How will your life be better as you reconnect with your Self*?

Imagine how freeing it will feel as you finally learn to work with your whole self (including your nervous system). Give yourself permission to move towards what feels good. To be guided by what brings you joy. To be less attached to what you can’t control. Less likely to argue with reality.

‘I also value that the group is run by an experienced therapist whose qualifications, professional registrations and congruence I respect and feel trust in. I like the ease of online. It felt easier to start than physically going to a group.

Cherie from Essex, UK, was struggling to prioritise her self-care amongst her other commitments and responsibilities.

‘I have lots of experience of diet and fitness but not focussing on looking after ‘me’ as a whole person. I was also interested in learning more about energies / yoga / Yoga Nidra / crystals and soothing the nervous system, which I haven’t seen covered in other groups.

‘I also value that the group is run by an experienced therapist whose qualifications, professional registrations and congruence I respect and feel trust in. I like the ease of online. It felt easier to start than physically going to a group.

‘I have greater awareness of my inner critic/expectations of self and am consequently more likely to ease off the pressure on myself.

‘I have a greater acceptance of where I am at my life stage as a woman with fluctuating hormones and difficulties with perimenopausal symptoms. I am less likely to fight this or feel I have to apologise to others in my life who have not experienced this.

‘I have more coping strategies, especially letting nature hold me when I feel in chaos and not able to “hold” myself. I’ve learned that small steps or doing just one thing in the ”right” direction is enough (and more likely to happen).

‘I’ve learned about Yoga Nidra and the benefits of working with a Sankalpa [a positive intention or resolve that comes from the heart and benefits you and others]. I also use the different breathing techniques I’ve learnt to help relax, sleep when I wake up in the night and also to calm me if I’m feeling stressed whether I’m driving or doing something where a full on relaxation technique isn’t practical.

‘I now have an 8pm cut off time to give my brain time to wind down before bed. Seeing sleep as a celebratory thing rather than a bit annoying as I’d rather continue “doing” as I don’t generally sleep that well. Listening to my body and taking naps if I feel I need it.

‘There are so many things we have covered in the group that I find affirming and fit with my own values and how I like and want to live my life. When I look after myself I am better able to be there for others in my life eg family, clients, anyone else and that is really important to me. Work in progress!

‘Knowing I can be held by nature when I am feeling really bad has helped me enormously to stop struggling trying to find answers in myself when I am not able to find them in that moment.  Also my Sankalpa of ‘simplify’ has also helped when I am feeling overwhelmed (which happens a lot!).

‘The membership is very supportive and you go at your own pace. Lovely members (that I know of). You learn tons and get to try out lots of different self-care tools some of which will resonate more than others but no pressure, you take what you need and want to.

‘It is OK if you have never done Yoga Nidra, worked with crystals, EFT etc. Eve is more than happy to give extra tips/resources if wanted (although there are already tons of resources in the weekly blogs). It may take a while to get the hang of fully relaxing into the Yoga Nidras if you have no idea what to expect, but it will come in time.’ 

Amy, from Cornwall, UK, is one of the members who hasn’t (yet) been able to attend any of the live calls but she finds the weekly emails and video replays helpful.

Her challenge was, ‘Getting to sleep, switching off at night and getting a good nights rest. I like Eve’s friendly accessible approach. The wealth of experience that Eve has in coaching and complimentary therapies as well as being a journalist /writer and author, meant that the way Eve writes is really enjoyable, full of accessible tips that you can easily implement on a daily basis.

‘The weekly Yoga Nidras have made a huge impact on my quality of sleep. The weekly email always has useful wisdom and accessible and enjoyable self help ideas, depending on how much time you have to put in. And no pressure, You just do what feels right for you.

‘I have become more aware of my inner critic! And learned to show myself more compassion and the Yoga Nidras have really improved my sleep quality, which has a beneficial effect on over all health and energy levels.’

For each member who signs up, I donate a free membership to someone who otherwise wouldn’t be able to join us.

Your monthly membership fee might have a powerful ripple effect on someone else’s life.

Email ‘PERSONAL PEACE OM SCHOLARSHIP to if you’d like to be considered for this.

Just €39 pcm. No refunds. No lengthy contracts: Remain a member for as long as you find it helpful. If you ever want to cancel, just email for instructions.

* that highest, wisest, truest, wildest most miraculous part of yourself

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