How would it feel to know you could set healthy boundaries? To manage your finances better? To create and maintain a sense of safety and security? 

To relax into the flow of life? To express your creativity with ease and joy? To do more of what feels good? To trust yourself, others and life itself? 

To stand tall? To feel more confident and empowered? To know it’s safe to be your whole self? To be able to stand up for yourself and others? 

To have more compassion for yourself and others? To let yourself be loved? To love more? To live wholeheartedly? To connect with others and your heart’s desires? 

To express yourself more clearly? To speak with poise, ease and grace? To enhance your writing or singing and other ways of articulating your truth? To improve your self-talk? 

To have more clarity and understanding? To improve your intuition and honour your inner wisdom? To dream bigger, knowing you can manifest what you visualise? 

To connect with your greatest purpose? To find more meaning in life. To connect with that limitless awareness and bliss? To enhance your perspective?

Welcome to this chakra inspired journey, Rainbow Coaching for Self Care. This unique online programme also includes psychosynthesis, yoga, NLP, EFT, yoga nidras, mindfulness and crystals. Working over 9 months, the programme can be tailored, by you, to suit your individual needs and  lifestyle.

I’ve brought elements of my nearly two decades’ work with self-care tools and the chakra system. Whether you believe in energy centres or simply see the chakra system as a useful metaphor for the major areas of our lives, the Rainbow Coaching for Self Care Online Programme offers a comprehensive, enjoyable journey. Over 9 modules in 9 months (with lifetime access to the videos and pdfs), you’ll learn how to use self-care tools from coaching, psychosynthesis, yoga, NLP, EFT, meditation and crystal therapy.

These are practices that have changed my life and they can potentially transform yours. As with anything, results will depend on what you put in – how often you work through the videos and reflective questions.

The Rainbow Coaching for Self Care Online Programme explores all aspects of your life, using your mind, body, heart and soul. You can read more about the chakras HERE. After an introduction to the Rainbow Coaching for Self Care Online Programme and working with each of the main 7 chakras, you’ll learn how to ground what has been most effective and enjoyable for you, helping you sustain your daily self-care practice.

While you can return to these modules any time particular themes resonate with life changes, by the end of the 9 months, you’ll have a sense of which practices you want to maintain as core self-care practices. You’ll have got to know what works best for you.

Each of the Rainbow Coaching for Self Care Online Programme packages include about an hour’s worth of videos for every module. These include bespoke tips, EFT (tapping) scripts, yoga nidra meditations, yoga poses and ideas for working with crystals around that module’s theme. You’ll also receive pdfs with reflective journaling prompts and coaching tools to help you improve each area of your life while grounding what’s already working.

Some of the packages include signed copies of my book, 365 Ways to Feel Better: Self-care Ideas for Embodied Wellbeing (White Owl, 2017), small crystals chosen by me, for you, for each module and online (by secure video conferencing) or telephone coaching sessions with me. This means that there’s limited availability for these packages but, by having the programme start to suit your rather than my timing, I can, hopefully, work with many more people one-to-one than would otherwise be possible.

My emphasis with this Rainbow Coaching for Self Care Online Programme is supporting you in creating lasting self-care practices and that starts with you deciding when you want to begin. As long as you have internet to download (and save, for lifetime access) the resources, you can work with me wherever you’re based. Are you ready to make self-care for your mind, body, heart and soul a sustainable and enjoyable part of your daily routine?

The Rainbow Coaching for Self Care Online Programme can help you make self-care routines a more compassionate part of your life.

Level 1 – Red Jasper option

Each module includes: Introduction to the module video, yoga video with three or more poses to support the module’s themes, a unique yoga nidra guided meditation to support relaxation and progress in transforming this area of your life, a unique EFT script video to do the same, a crystal video sharing some ideas for stones that you might want to experiment with and pdfs to help you reflect on where you are and where you want to be. It also includes free membership to a secret Facebook group where you can connect with others. I’ll be online regularly, answering questions and sharing additional tools.

Level 2 – Flourite option

This includes everything that the Red Jasper option offers plus a 60 minute personal online or telephone coaching session with me to be taken either in advance, during or after you’ve completed the programme. It also includes a signed copy (for yourself or anyone else you want me to make it out to) of my book, 365 Ways to Feel Better: Self-care Ideas for Embodied Wellbeing (White Owl, £14.99) and a tumblestone chosen by me for you for each module and the overall programme.

Level 3 – Clear quartz option

This option includes everything that the Red Jasper and Flourite options offer plus a monthly telephone or online 60 minute coaching session. These nine personal coaching sessions will help you delve even deeper into the issues that feel most prominent for you around each module’s theme.

Get in touch today if you’d like to talk to me about any of these options.

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