In addition to the book bonus videos and resources, articles, columns and other media I’ve been sharing a lot more mind body practices for Covid self care

You can access all of those via the links above.

You can also access Your Daily Mindful Minute videos (around 90 seconds each including instructions) via my social media with new videos posted each weekday.

And I’m bringing all the other Yoga Nidras, EFT tapping scripts, guided visualisations and meditations to this page for easier access.

While I’m aiming to make the free resources throughout this site as accessible as possible, if you’re looking for a more structured approach, you can either work with me one to one or join the Fully Embodied (Wellbeing with Eve) paid subscribers or even the Personal Peace online membership

And, of course, I hope you find these free offerings beneficial.

As with all self care practices, it’s like taking a vitamin, brushing teeth or physical exercise. We wouldn’t do it just the once and expect transformation.

These are simple and effective mind body PRACTICES.

With practice, the neuroscience shows that many of these tools change our physiology, rewire the brain, retrain the nervous system.

Play with whatever appeals AND know that repetition is where the deeper benefits are gained.

As in the book, I recommend thinking of self care as ONE thing. Ask yourself, in any given moment, what you need and want right now?

How much time do you have available? The yoga nidras are usually about 20 minutes. Other tools take 3 minutes or even less.

How much energy do you have?

Get to know yourself and, as far as possible, do what feels good for YOU.


Yoga Nidra translates as ‘yogic sleep’. Some say 30 minutes equals 2 hours of actual sleep (but the idea is to stay awake and alert while deeply relaxed).

All you need is a comfortable space to lie down or sit comfortably, a blanket or extra layers (it reduces blood pressure so body temperature can drop), an eye mask if you like and 20 minutes or so (lengths vary) to follow along as you allow body and mind to relax more deeply than sleep generally allows.

Because we’re working with the unconscious mind, regular practice makes making positive changes in our daily lives much easier too.

Yoga Nidra for writers created for Suzy Walker’s How I Wrote My Book group, June 2022

Yoga Nidra for Self Healing while also following up to date medical guidelines

Yoga Nidra for Anxiety to help you connect with the part of you that’s so much MORE than your symptoms and feelings

Yoga Nidra to Aid Kindness and Self Compassion for Mental Health Awareness Week (in the UK)

Yoga Nidra for Uncertain Times recorded during Lockdown but relevant any time you want to support yourself when the world feels upside down.

Yoga Nidra for Inner Strength and Balance (working with the chakras) – adapted from Julie Lusk’s

New Moon Yoga Nidra best practiced around each New Moon

Half Moon Yoga Nidra (for balance and harmony) best practiced around each Half Moon

Full Moon Yoga Nidra best practiced around each Full Moon

Summer Solstice Yoga Nidra best practiced around 21st June in the northern hemisphere

Lughnasadh Yoga Nidra best practiced around 1st August

Mabon / Autumn Equinox Yoga Nidra for balance and inner light best practiced around 21st / 22nd September

Samhain themed Yoga Nidra for connecting with the support of lost loved ones as you let go and dream big best practiced around 31st October

Winter Solstice Yoga Nidra best practiced around 21st December in the northern hemisphere

Shorter Yoga Nidra (approximately 15 minutes)

Learn how to activate the Relaxation Response, the body’s natural antidote to the stress response, and boost your natural healing capacities more beneficial than sleep.

Metta Meditation for Polarised Times This focuses on the neutral element of Metta (Loving Kindness) meditations

Metta Meditation to Help Deal with Challenging People and Groups This is an advanced but very effective practice. Notice how it feels to send them all (yourself included) Loving Kindness.

Working with pain and other ‘negative’ experiences with the meditation adapted from Thich Nhat Hanh

How would you LIKE to feel? Another Relaxation Response reminder (it’s so simple and so fast)

Simple Somatic Self Care Solutions to Support You Easing Back into (Covid) Civilisation

Self-healing, energy and space clearing meditation to help you clear away any inauthentic energies in your body, energy field, home, workspace and anywhere else you choose to shine some healing light.

Give yourself a Butterfly Hug with this a simple, gentle self soothing, grounding and brain balancing self care tool.

Triple Warmer Self Care to help you soothe yourself instantly when in the Stress Response.

Bhu Mudra to help you recharge yourself with the earth’s nourishing, supportive, healing energy

Ho’oponopono energy clearing to honour George Floyd and Black Lives Matter

Covid Metta meditation to send loving kindness to many impacted groups from medical staff and key workers to people stuck in abusive homes, people unable to social distance (or even access clean water) and many more).

Guided meditation to connect with the body’s inner wisdom through this simple Body Scan with a twist.

Short Rose and Tree Meditation to help you release worries and stresses and connect with that part of you that knows each next best step and how to heal.

EFT tapping script for New Year 2020 although it can be used any New Year.

EFT tapping script for the Summer Solstice to help you shine. Best done on and around 21st June in the northern hemisphere.

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