Do You Want to Feel Better About Your Boobs?

Maybe you already feel great about them and want to celebrate that?

Or perhaps there’s healing to do around having ever wished them smaller, bigger, scars, surgeries or anything else that stops you enjoying them?

What if you could embrace your whole self, including this important part of the body that can bring so much nourishment and pleasure?

Imagine how you’d hold yourself, walk, move, dress and have sex if you loved your whole self. Imagine walking tall instead of hiding (potentially creating postural issues and back pain).

Whatever age you are, imagine finding peace and connecting with the energy of self nurture and self care as well as caring for others without feeling depleted.

This month’s Moon Mná Women’s Celtic Circle Moons of Love Sacred Breasts theme offers gentle healing

Moon Mna Women's Celtic Circle Moons of Love Sacred Breasts Feel Better About Your Boobs

Eve Menezes Cunningham Feel Better Every Day Moon Mna Women's Celtic Cirlces Westport Co Mayo Ireland and online

Hi! I’m Eve. I’ve been working with the Divine Feminine, Celtic Wheel of the Year and lunar cycles for
decades and have been facilitating these Moon Mná Women’s Celtic Circles since February.

Coming together as (cis and trans) women each month, under the Waxing Half Moon (to enhance balance and harmony), you can join for one or more of these monthly online (from Westport) Moon Mná Women’s Celtic Circles.

Moon Mna Women's Celtic Circle online from Westport

We’re working with the rich pantheon of Irish Goddesses and lunar energies as well as the Celtic Wheel.

This month’s theme allows us to release any negative connotations around our breasts and to amplify the precious ones.

Yes I want to connect with the Divine Feminine Moon Mna

Working with the Divine Feminine isn’t about diminishing men but, after centuries of the masculine being the only representation, we’re coming back to greater understanding of the importance of women and girls, the planet and embracing our masculine AND feminine energies.

We’ll commune under Grandmother Moon (Seanmháthair Gealach) to honour the unique relationship we have with our Moons of Love Sacred Breasts through a safe and easy meditative journey.

Moon Mna Women's Celtic Circle Moons of Love Sacred Breasts


How much is it? Just €16 (which includes a €1 booking fee)

What do I need to bring? A journal (or loose paper) and pen, blanket or extra layers for the meditative journey and wear whatever feels comfortable (we’ll remain fully clothed throughout) be that your favourite bra or no bra.

How do I join? Once you’ve paid, I’ll send you a Zoom link for the session and the passcode.

If I can’t make this one, can I get a recording? No but you can book for next month’s Moon Mná Women’s Celtic Circle or any of the other dates that suit you.

Moon Mna Women's Celtic Circle Moons of Love Sacred Breasts

About me

I’m Eve Menezes Cunningham and love helping people take better care of themselves. I’m the author of 365 Ways to Feel Better: Self-care Ideas for Embodied Wellbeing (White Owl, 2017) and Indian Irish, London born, am based in Westport, Co Mayo, Ireland.

I run Feel Better Every Day (aka and work online (and outdoors, pandemic permitting) offering a range of self care coaching, therapies and supervision (IACP Accredited Counsellor and Supervisor and BACP Senior Accredited Supervisor).

While I love all elements of my work, these Moon Mná Women’s Celtic Circles are an extra special delight.

If this resonates for you, I look forward to your joining us!

With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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