You can listen to some of the podcasts I’ve been a guest on here

I feel so grateful to be doing this work, it’s a pleasure to share it on relevant podcasts as appropriate.

And I’m delighted to be launching the Feel Better Every Day Podcast, with several phenomenal guests, on Winter Solstice (21st December, 2023). FIND OUT MORE

If you’re interested in any angle of my work / experience, please email

Eve Menezes Cunningham talking to Jane Travis about awaiting psychiatric assessment for ADHD and amping up the self and Self care and self compassion due to recognising more around what differently wired brains need and deserve.

Eve Menezes Cunningham guests on Joanne Mallon’s 5 Minutes to Change Your Life podcast

Moon Mna Karen Ward Eve Menezes Cunningham podcast

Eve Menezes Cunningham guests on Dr Karen Ward’s Moon Mna Podcast ~ LISTEN HERE

Kathie Wilde Catherine Lund Eve Menezes Cunningham podcast

Eve Menezes Cunningham guests, talking all things Self Care and multiskilled therapy with Kathie Bishop and Catherine Lund ~ LISTEN HERE

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