Some of Eve's features

As well as being an author, I’m a freelance journalist, advice columnist and occasional broadcaster (radio and TV).

I’ve written hundreds of features and articles for national, specialist and international titles including Psychologies, the Financial Times, Telegraph, Daily Mail, MSN, the Evening Standard, the Mirror’s Celebs on Sunday magazine, Natural Health, Healthy, Woman’s World (the WI Annual), Therapy Today, The Psychotherapist, Prima, Eve, Pregnancy, Baby & You, Yoga and Health and Soul & Spirit.

I also regularly contribute tips, advice and comment for a wide range of titles.

My advice columns have appeared in the Financial Times, Rapport, Natural Health, Kindred Spirit and Healthspan. I used to be one of Sadie Nine’s ‘Loud Women’ on her BBC Essex show, being on the panel every month for nearly a decade. I’ve also been on other radio shows from BBC Wales and BBC Asian Network and TV including Channel Five and ITV.


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I’ve written about everything from coaching and self-care tools to yoga, self-esteem boosts to archangels, neuroplasticity to endometriosis, superfoods to the symbolic language of health symptoms and HeartMath to joint health.

Part of Rapport’s editorial team since 2007, I’ve written profiles of people including Sara Paretsky, Martha Beck, Robert Dilts to Julia Cameron, Isobel Losada, Marianne Williamson, Barbara Winter, Nick Williams, Paul McKenna and Anjum Anand.

Let me know if you’d like to commission me to write for you or if you have a media query.