Be confident from your core Feel Better Every Day with Eve Menezes Cunningham

Do you know someone who seems to glide through life with ease? Always seeming to know what to say, wear, how to be?

Enjoying life because she or he isn’t second guessing every move with an inner monologue of self-loathing? 

Maybe you wish you could set healthier boundaries, assert yourself with humour and grace and generally feel more relaxed, empowered and at ease? 

Perhaps you wish you were better able to stand up for yourself and others? When we lack the confidence to assert ourselves in such situations, we lower our immunity.

When we are able to speak up and step into our power on our own or someone else’s behalf, we produce nitric oxide which feels wonderful and enhances our immunity. 

Being empowered (not lording it over anyone else – a healthy, confident, quiet power that recognises that we’re as important as everyone else) is good for our health.

Maybe low self-esteem has you stressed and anxious about not feeling good enough in various areas of your life and so you know you’re not at your best?

Do you allow yourself to follow your dreams? To really go for whatever it is you want? Or are you used to squashing them down because you lack the confidence in yourself?

All my work is collaborative so the choice about the direction we take and tools you learn is entirely up to you.

Confidence building and confidence tips can help but they need to be grounded into your daily life for ongoing results.

I can support you with that as well as helping you build your self-esteem. 

The fact that you’re even reading this, looking for support and knowing you can improve things is a big step.

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