Are you ready to Feel Better Every Day?

The Feel Better Every Day online membership programme is evolving into the Personal Peace online membership but if you join now, you’ll pay the same rate as you join on for as long as you choose to remain a member.

Are you ready to treat your Self*?

*that highest, wisest, truest, wildest, most miraculous part of yourself

Maybe you feel a bit (or a lot) burned out? Exhausted? Overwhelmed?

Perhaps you’ve had a health scare and know that NOW is the time to look after the only mind, body, heart (potential transplants notwithstanding) and soul you’ll ever have?

Maybe you’ve a long history with stress, anxiety and sleep issues or a trauma history and are ready to learn how to connect with your body’s wisdom to heal inside and out?

Or you simply like the idea of taking better care of yourself but would like some coaching, guidance and support?

Welcome to a space, each week, in which your WHOLE self is welcome

The Feel Better Every Day online membership programme offers you an oasis of reflection and indulgence.

By helping you start each week by prioritising your self care, creating more of what you want and releasing what no longer serves you, you’re more likely to continue with healthier, friendlier choices every day.

The Feel Better Every Day online membership programme draws on my background and experience in various coaching and therapies including psychosynthesis, NLP, EFT, crystal coaching, yoga therapy, mindfulness and more

It’s a chance to befriend the different parts of yourself. Mind, body, heart and soul. The happy, whole, confident and well parts as well as the tired, overwhelmed, fearful, shaky parts.

ALL of you is very welcome. Including your shadow and the parts of you that are scared to shine.

It’s much easier to transform our lives (for the better) when we adopt a gentle, sustainable approach. This programme will help you work with the nervous system to internalise a more loving, soothing inner voice. By learning to harness the power of your unconscious and conscious minds and working with subtle energies and your body, you’ll make self-sabotage less likely.

How it works

Join live self care coaching calls each Monday at 1pm (Irish time – on Bank Holidays, you’ll still get an email with self care coaching ideas for the week but there’ll be no live call on those days).

I’ll support you in:

a) integrating daily self care habits and building on them until they become automatic for you and

b) offering you a space (during the call itself and any other times each day when you watch the recordings again) in which you can connect with your Self – that highest, wisest, truest, wildest most miraculous part of you. You’ll also be connecting with your intuitive self, your joyful self and your limitless self, working with your goals and intentions in a cohesive, congruent and relaxing way.  

As well as feeling good, the trauma sensitive Yoga Nidras can lower blood pressure, support better sleep and reduce stress and anxiety. They also help boost your mood and enhance motivation.

The journal prompts, EFT Tap Alongs, elements from yoga and other practices work in a variety of ways. They also offer grounding and ways in which you can connect with that healthy, whole, empowered and resourceful you that knows each next best step in any situation.

Come as you are

You might show up all cosy in your pjs or dressed for work on your lunchbreak. By bringing your journal or some paper, you can ground your insights. Extra layers or a blanket or even duvet and eye mask to help you relax as deeply as possible – as blood pressure drops, body temperature can lower.

Whether you’re inspired and energised, raring to go or feeling a bit fragile or depleted and need to take it easy – however you’re feeling is absolutely fine.

By giving yourself the space to even check in with how you’re feeling, you’ll be better able to support yourself. Working with lunar phases, the Celtic Wheel of the Year and your own natural cycles, you’ll become more adept at knowing when to rest and be extra gentle with yourself and when to amp up your efforts to make those breakthroughs and see those projects through to fruition.

Each Monday morning, you’ll receive an email offering 4 stages of self care for the week’s theme:

  1. Mini Mouse Step – a teeny tiny almost effortless improvement you’d struggle to NOT make
  2. Swimming Seal – journal prompts to help you get to know yourself better as you explore the week’s theme
  3. Soaring Seagull – joining the live self care coaching call and playing with the mind body practices, self care coaching and Yoga Nidra and
  4. Donkey Deliberations – where you give yourself a little extra time to ground your insights, access individual support from me and make time to repeat the Yoga Nidra as many times as you can (ideally, daily!)

You can gauge your energy levels to choose whichever step appeals for the week. You’re being mindful and discerning simply deciding how much or how little will be most supportive for you that day / week.

There’s no falling behind – this is self care. Not beating yourself up with ‘shoulds’

That being said, you can access recordings (non-confidential elements such as each Yoga Nidra, other mind body practices, EFT Tap Alongs, oracle card readings and some journal prompts) from previous sessions in your own time. This allows you to compound your efforts by listening again and accessing sessions you couldn’t attend.

Whatever level you engage with is the right level for you.

It’s about learning to trust yourself.

For best results

Obviously, you’ll get best results by engaging as fully as you can – working through the email’s journal prompts and showing up for the self care coaching call and making time to journal afterwards to help ground additional insights from your Yoga Nidra and the rest of the mind body practices and self care coaching.

But even if you only make time for the teeniest of self care steps, you’re still doing SOMETHING to begin prioritising your Self. This will have positive impacts as you notice other small and larger ways in which you can do this throughout each week.

By having the live self care coaching call on Mondays at 1pm, you’re committing to build an oasis of self care into your week. If you can’t make the call/s you can watch the recording in the membership area later on. The more often you repeat each Yoga Nidra, the more you’ll be allowing yourself deep rest and also conditioning your mind to make those steps towards your self care and other goals as easy and effortless as possible.

Who am I?

I run Feel Better Every Day* (aka and am the author of the award winning 365 Ways to Feel Better: Self-care Ideas for Embodied Wellbeing (White Owl, 2017).

I’ve written hundreds of psychology, health and wellbeing features for titles from My Weekly, Planet Mindful and Psychologies to Metro. I’ve also written advice and holistic health columns for titles including the Financial Times, Natural Health, Irish Country Magazine, Kindred Spirit, Healthspan and more.

I’m an IACP (Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) accredited supervisor and counsellor, a BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) senior accredited supervisor and counsellor, a Yoga Alliance Professionals Experienced Yoga Teacher, EFT International accredited Advanced EFT practitioner and supervisor/mentor, NLP Master Practitioner (and member of the Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming’s (ANLP) personal development magazine Rapport’s editorial team contributing features and columns to each issue since 2007).

From January 2017-November 2018, I was Chair for BACP Coaching and I served on the BACP Coaching Executive from 2014-2019 (when I moved from the UK to Ireland). And I’m a member of the editorial committee of the Irish Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

I’m also someone who used to feel broken beyond repair, who longed for an instruction manual for life and who’s spent DECADES learning what appeared to come easily for others and who now loves to share these self care coaching practices and tools with others.

No lengthy contracts

Any time you want to cancel, simply cancel your payment and then email me to give (ideally) a month’s notice. If you’re able to let me know what you’d like more/less of before deciding, we can potentially work together to help you get more from it but I only want you to be a member for as long as you WANT to be a member.

Not sure what you’ll be getting?

You may have already read the book, some of my features and columns and blogs or heard a broadcast or been part of one of my groups. You may also have accessed the free resources throughout the site (including Yoga Nidras, journal prompts and EFT Tap Alongs). If not, you can access some HERE – the Yoga Nidras are a big part of this programme and if you don’t like my voice, it’s not going to be that relaxation oasis I’m offering so you’re better off finding out now.

Are you ready to prioritise your self care?

If my approach appeals, whether you simply want an hour to reflect and relax each week or you’re eager to do the additional work around transforming your entire life (for the better), I look forward to welcoming you to the Feel Better Every Day online membership programme.

It takes practice. It takes effort. But when you prioritise your self care and create healthier, life enhancing habits, gently course correcting when you get off track, it’s truly possible to Feel Better Every Day.

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