Trauma Sensitive Workshop for Yoga Teachers at the Tree Room in Colchester, Essex

trauma sensitive yoga Eve Menezes Cunningham

I’m moving to Ireland soon and with my Witham classes (Sleep Yoga on Sundays and Yoga and Meditation on Thursdays) at Benton Hall coming to an end this Christmas / New Year (I don’t know if I’m moving January, Feb or March – and last time, everything fell through at exchange so am certainly not counting any chickens), I decided to offer a workshop to help Essex instructors be a bit more trauma sensitive, whatever yoga style you teach.

Of the dates I’ve offered, I’ve had the best response re Saturday 12th January and it will be at the Tree Room in Colchester, from 5-6.30pm.

It’s very low cost (£10 for 90 minutes) because I love the idea of these tools being more widely used and Younger Me really wishes I’d known what I know now back then – When I started attending classes in 2001, yoga worked amazingly for pain relief but savasana made me sob. I knew it was a psychospiritual practice and the pain relief element made me stick with it but it’s not just trauma that can make relaxation challenging for students.

I’ll include some psychoeducation around trauma and stress and share some simple and effective tools to help you make your classes friendlier for people who struggle with relaxation and connecting with their bodies. I’ll also finish with a trauma sensitive yoga nidra for you all.

This isn’t a training that will qualify you in trauma sensitive yoga (I trained with Heather Mason who had trained with Dave Emerson who created this approach while working with trauma specialist Bessell Van Der Kolk) but it will offer you some practical and effective options in case you notice someone fidgeting in the nidra or relaxation portion of your classes and want to support them in finding it more manageable. It will also help you feel more relaxed if any of your students mention PTSD.

You’ll be able to share modifications that they can do without disrupting anyone else as well as learning how to create an even safer feeling sacred space for your classes and students with some energy work and the language you use.

You can find out more about my yoga and other work as well as accessing free articles, videos and other resources HERE

If you have local enough to Colchester yoga teacher friends who might also be interested, please feel free to share this info with them.

The Tree Room is a beautiful yoga studio but fairly small so places are limited so please get in touch asap to book your space.

To book, please check availability with me and pay immediately (via the appropriate PayPal link below or into account # 10136375, sort code 089286) to confirm the booking. There are no refunds so please do get in touch if you have any questions before booking.

Please email or text me when you’ve paid so I can track your booking.

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