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Self care workshops

In addition to weekly live self care coaching calls for the Feel Better Every Day online membership programme members, I hold monthly Moon Mná Women’s Celtic Circles and offer bespoke workshops and talks (online and in person) for a wide range of groups and organisations as part of mental health, wellbeing and wellness initiatives and as part of conferences and other events.

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Workshop themes include:







Purpose, Meaning and Joy

You can read more about my approach to each specialism by clicking on the words above. In each, I’ll share self-care tools to help you heal your own mind, body, heart and soul.

Drawing on my background in coaching (READ MORE…), psychosynthesis counselling (READ MORE…), yoga and meditation (READ MORE…), NLP (READ MORE…), EFT (READ MORE…) and crystals (READ MORE…), each workshop theme includes:

  • psychoeducation – helping you understand what’s happening with your body and brain and how to work somatically (with your body) to better support your mind, body, heart and soul as you make improvements in this area
  • some self-care coaching and NLP – helping you get clear on your intentions and goals in this area as well as identifying next steps and a route ahead
  • working with the unconscious mind – helping you find congruence and gaining extra insights using imagery work, meditations and other tools to support deeper healing and transformation
  • EFT (tapping) – unique tapping scripts and access to videos to help you use this tool yourself at home to support you long after the workshop/s
  • gentle yoga – with modifications for every body (no experience required) to help you change your physiology to support what you want with some simple poses and breath practices (80% of the signals between body and brain go up, via the Vagus nerve so this is a really effective short cut to help us feel the way we want to feel and connect with our resourcefulness)
  • grounding – helping you make the most of the insights and tools from the workshop so you can continue to progress
  • crystals – helping you choose a tumble stone to aid additional grounding (using it as a kinaesthetic and visual anchor as well as working with its energies if you want to do this). Depending on workshop venue, additional crystals may also be for sale.

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I also facilitate bespoke workshops for organisations and groups. You can read more HERE

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