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I speak (online and in person) at conferences and other events, on TV and radio and guesting on (and soon to be hosting my own) podcasts as well as facilitating workshops around holistic self-care (private and for organisations including corporations, charities, educational establishments, professional membership bodies and small, medium and large businesses), do book signings and other events.

As well as facilitating regular online group self care coaching calls and online Circles for my online membership for several years, I have several years’ in person experience teaching yoga and meditation classes and sleep yoga classes and facilitating Moon Mná Women’s Celtic Circles

How might we work together?

So many potential ways.

For example, I loved presenting at the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP’s) Annual Conference in October 2023:

IACP Annual Conference 2023: IACP Cathaoirligh, Séamus Sheedy, guest speakers: me (Eve Menezes Cunningham) and Sandra Mullen, (a different kind of Councillor) Denis O’Callaghan, Cathaoirleach of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, the third guest speaker, Shane Martin and IACP CEO Lisa Molloy

I joined IACP before moving to Ireland in 2019. After presenting on self care at an online international conference between Ireland and America, I was hired to create some EFT videos for IACP’s CPD hub, helping counsellors and psychotherapists learn how to Tap on themselves. Both experiences were an honour but, being online, different.

Being hired as one of three guest speakers to present at the IACP Annual Conference, October 2023 felt especially exciting: My first LIVE conference since before Covid.

IACP’s theme for the year, Treating the Self had immediate appeal. Self care is at the heart of all my work and it’s STILL a daily practice for me. Too many counsellors and therapists (like so many caring professional) burnout and I looked forward to offering some ways in which they could better support themselves.

Iwona Blasi, IACP’s Innovation and Development Manager, asked me to include some EFT and I suggested some other elements (including some psychoeducation, a small Chair Yoga segment and a (not ideal but to give a taste) very short chair yoga nidra, too. These suggestions were welcomed and the whole experience was an honour AND a delight for me.

‘It was an absolute pleasure to see you and attend your wonderful presentation,’ said Iwona. ‘Thank you again so much!’

MY pleasure, Iwona! Am still beaming as I enjoyed it all so much. Thank you!

I also loved being part of the health and wellbeing panel at the ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting) 2021 conference

Many of their members already worked from home but the pandemic has still required adjustments. When I was first approached about being a part of it, I’d felt confident that, having been working from home myself since starting my coaching practice and freelance journalism back in 2004 (adding therapies and supervision along the way), I’d be able to contribute self care coaching tips and mind body practices for my slot and answer questions alongside Rebecca Seal and the panel’s Chair, Radhika Holmstrom at the end of the session.

It was delightful to see feedback from delegates calling this panel a conference highlight for them.

‘I know Eve from several different journalist groups,’ says Radhika Holmstrom, editor of the ITI Bulletin (and Health and Wellbeing Panel Co-oridnator for the ITI Conference 2021). ‘She struck me as having the kind of practically-focused and also compassionate approach that this audience needed! We wanted a focused, useful session with ‘take-away’ exercises and ideas for the participants. Working with her in the run up and on the day itself was straightforward and reassuringly professional. I had complete confidence in both speakers being able to take centre stage.

‘I especially enjoyed the breathing exercises and the explanations of how specific exercises worked on areas of the brain. I’d recommend Eve to others planning health and wellbeing events. Eve has a lot of personal charm, which also comes across: she makes participants feel cared-for, which is valuable when everyone is quite open and vulnerable.’

Thanks Radhika! My pleasure.

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Previous events

I presented on Self Care Ideas for Embodied Wellbeing to Feel Better Every Day (based on the book) at the Counselling, Recovery, Professional Growth and Personal Self Care: A Joint Conference for Counsellors and Psychotherapists in Ireland and the United States in August 2021 (organised by IACP (the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), the University of Holy Cross, New Orleans and DePaul University, Chicago).

Eve Menezes Cunningham 365 Ways to Feel Better book launch at London Coliseum

Eve Menezes Cunningham chairing BACP Coaching day

Eve Menezes Cunningham 365 Ways to Feel Better book signing and self care workshop Witham Library Essex

Eve Menezes Cunningham 365 Ways to Feel Better book signing Waterstones Chelmsford Essex

Eve Menezes Cunningham 365 Ways to Feel Better book signing and self care workshop yoga class Tree Room Essex

Eve Menezes Cunningham 365 Ways to Feel Better book signing and self care workshops Frinton Library Essex

Eve Menezes Cunningham 365 Ways to Feel Better book signing Cabello Witham Essex

Eve Menezes Cunningham 365 Ways to Feel Better book signing and self care workshop Essex Vegan Festival Colchester

Eve Menezes Cunningham 365 Ways to Feel Better book signing at Billericay Library Essex

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