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The Embodied Wellbeing community is not a replacement for trauma therapy but offers a supportive space to help you get better at helping yourself

I help trauma survivors (whether wanting to recover from Big T or little t trauma, complex developmental trauma, collective trauma or intergenerational trauma) learn to:

1) feel safer in your own body
2) become happier in your own skin (embodied wellbeing) and
3) connect with and take better of your whole self and Self (that highest, wisest, truest, wildest, most joyful, brilliant and miraculous part of yourself).

I do this by offering a wide range of resources through the book 365 Ways to Feel Better: Self-care Ideas for Embodied Wellbeing, the site and blog and, in a more structured way, through the Embodied Wellbeing community on Substack

All members get a weekly email with self care ideas around the week’s theme on Self Care Sunday mornings.

Full members also get:
* recordings of the week’s videos and audios
* oracle card readings around the lunar phases and Celtic Wheel of the Year
* the opportunity for private dialogue with me through reflective feedback and
* wider community opportunities for co-regulation (we’re wired to heal faster and more deeply in safe community) through subscriber only chat and comments.

By offering self paced self care options, you learn to take what appeals and ignore the rest, trust yourself and play with the trauma informed mind body practices that resonate the most each week (and from the rich archive).

I know what it’s like to feel terrified to feel. Scared to relax and be alone with your thoughts and feelings

I was perfectly happy (well, accepting of perpetual inner misery at least) being exceedingly disembodied until a chronic pain condition forced me into sobriety, trauma recovery and (eventually) embodied wellbeing.

I was in so much pain, I was ready to try anything. This led to me trying and training in a very wide range of modalities and now I offer a complete holistic approach with psychological underpinning.

Now, I’ve been a coach and complementary therapist since 2004, a trauma therapist since 2012 and supervisor since 2016.

I’m an IACP accredited supervisor and counsellor (and Editor-in-Chief of the Irish Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy) and BACP senior accredited supervisor and counsellor (and former Chair of BACP Coaching).

I also integrate other therapies that have helped me and countless clients and groups. From somatic and energetic approaches including trauma informed yoga therapy to EFT, NLP and crystals as desired and appropriate.

Much as I love supporting my private clients and supervisees from around Ireland and the UK, I love being able to work with more people than I could ever work with one to one through the Embodied Wellbeing community.

While all the offerings are trauma informed, it’s not a replacement for individual therapy.

It IS a space where you can explore what resonates for you in any given week.

We live in such an amped up world, it can be hard for anyone to relax, rest and recharge enough to honour our ancient nervous systems.

Add trauma histories to the mix and many feel like self care is a ‘should’ (especially if health issues or burnout have made older coping mechanisms less effective). Something they don’t deserve.

My background and experience (inlcuding lived experience with PTSD and CPTSD) means I love holding this space in the Embodied Wellbeing community as a way for you to test the waters, do more of what feels good and begin to trust in life and relax more.

Even rest.


Welcome your WHOLE self.

And create a life you don’t need to retreat from.

*these include a new yoga nidra every week – a wonderful, trauma informed guided meditation to allow rest and recovery while also being easier to follow along with than many forms of meditation – plus other practices like EFT Tap Alongs and meditations, coaching, energy cleanses, yogic breath practices and poses and more.

We’re wired to thrive when we feel safe, welcome and loved. It’s basic Polyvagal Theory Your whole self is welcome in the Embodied Wellbeing community – join today at

Learn to love your WHOLE self, make peace with and potentially heal each area of your body and life. Befriend your mind, body, heart and soul

Are you ready to make peace with and potentially heal and transform your life? To learn to love your WHOLE self? Here are three simple ways you can start today:

  1. Access this unique chakra journey for free by reading the blog posts each Monday
  2. Also free, you can join the Embodied Wellbeing community to get it earlier and benefit from bonus content
  3. And you can upgrade your Embodied Wellbeing community membership from just €1.54 per week for instant access to all the recordings and other exclusive content and bonuses

Join our chakra journey and create a life you don’t need to retreat from. You’ll learn to love, heal, befriend and make peace with your whole self: mind, body, heart and soul ❤️🪷🌟

What are chakras?

Just as meridians are energy lines in Chinese medicine, chakras are energy centres originating in India.

Written about in the Vedas as far back as 500-1500 BCE, there are hundreds, located around the body.

We’ll be working with the seven main ones: base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown.

As a free subscriber in the Embodied Wellbeing community:

You’ll be guided through a journey designed to support you in ALL areas of your life with an email every Self Care Sunday morning.

You’ll also be able to join in subscriber only comments and chats on Substack.

And you don’t have to subscribe to access some of the content later on.

What you’ll get

As well as exploring your relationship with the physical elements of the seven main chakras (from toe to head), we’ll be working with the associated elements of life.

These include:

*money, feeling safer and more secure, more organised to direction in life and next best steps

*feeling a sense of ease, ENJOYING life, sensuality and creativity

*feeling confident, safe enough to be yourself, to stand in your power, to stand up for yourself and for others and to feel safe enough to shine

*feeling an easy, peaceful connection with what makes your heart sing, your Self and yourself, your loved ones, communities and the world at large

*being able to express yourself with greater ease, better understand others and improve your self-talk and deal with your inner critic

*understanding your dreams, setting goals that you feel excited about, connecting with your inner wisdom and intuition

*remembering that there is SO much more to you than whatever you’ve survived or are going through or worrying about, that we’re all made of stardust

Eve Menezes Cunningham offering self paced self care


Upgrade for exclusive self paced self care content

This includes a self paced self care email each week with recordings of mind body practices (including yoga nidras, EFT tapping meditations, yoga poses and breath practices, crystals and more each week), access to Comments and Chat threads and even the option for private dialogue with me through weekly reflective feedback forms to help you stay accountable.

A paid subscription is well worth it if:

a) my approach (including somatic work and energy work) appeals and

b) you’re motivated to start (and continue) taking better care of yourself and your Self 

€8 per month or, even better value, €80 per year. That’s as little as €1.54 per week

Drawing on the book, 365 Ways to Feel Better: Self-care Ideas for Embodied Wellbeing and my decades of experience and expertise in supervision, trauma recovery, stress and anxiety reduction, sleep issues and more as well as psychosynthesis counselling, yoga (breathwork, poses and philosophy), NLP, EFT, crystals, coaching and more, there are hundreds and hundreds of free meditations, yoga nidras and mind body practices online via my site, blog and social media platforms

I hope you enjoy and benefit from as many as you choose to practice and indulge in.

For additional guidance, joining the Embodied Wellbeing community gives you themed weekly newsletters designed to support you as you learn to befriend your mind, body, heart and soul and love your WHOLE self.

This is completely free via and I’d love it if you share what resonates with your loved ones to help as many people benefit as possible.

Upgrading as a paid member of the Embodied Wellbeing community can reduce overwhelm even further

There’s no falling behind as you’ll be able to access the rich archive of recordings for as long as you choose to remain a member.

Honour your own energy levels, enthusiasm levels, time and space available (if money’s an issue, let me know as I can offer you a complementary membership) and the ebbs and flows in your own life. Some weeks you may opt for all the offerings, others just one or two.

You know yourself best ❤️🪷🌟


‘The weekly yoga nidras have made a huge impact on my quality of sleep. The weekly email always has useful wisdom and accessible and enjoyable self help ideas, depending on how much time you have to put in. And no pressure. You just do what feels right for you.’

Amy, Cornwall, UK READ MORE

It’s a gentle holistic approach to help you shower your whole self with love, compassion, curiosity and acceptance

Your whole self is welcome and the more we accept ourselves exactly as you are (already part of Nature, part of the Divine) the easier it is to reach for the things we want to change.

From a relaxed space. Working with our nervous system.

Heal, make peace with your whole self and potentially transform your life for the better ❤️🪷🌟

You can join at any time

According to marketing experts, I’m ‘supposed’ to be using scarcity marketing techniques here but I want you to RELAX about it and everything.

To do what feels good.

To notice what feels right for you. You know yourself best.

And know that if you choose to sign up at ANY time, you’ll gain instant access to the rich archive of older recordings and posts (including mind body practices and unique yoga nidras).

Create a life you don’t need to retreat from

‘There are so many things we have covered in the group that I find affirming and fit with my own values and how I like and want to live my life. When I look after myself, I am better able to be there for others in my life, eg. family, clients, anyone else and that is really important to me. On a very personal level, knowing I can be held by nature when I am feeling really bad has helped me enormously.’

Cherie, Essex, UK READ MORE


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