Embodied Wellbeing community reflective feedback form

Thank you for being a part of the Embodied Wellbeing community. I look forward to hearing how you’re getting on with this week’s* self paced self care practices

*or ANY week’s – you can go back through the rich archive of recordings whenever they call to you or you have extra time, space and energy

Whether you want to dive deep or stay on the surface, taking a few moments to share what’s helping you create a life you don’t need to retreat from (and what’s not) will help you ground the progress you’re making

Feel free to use words or to rate as you do before starting your EFT practices with a number between -10 and +10 with 0 being neutral, -10 being atrocious and +10 being beyond marvelous
Your chance to reflect on the yoga nidra, yoga poses, EFT meditation, crystal cleanse and any other practices included this week in the Embodied Wellbeing community self paced self care offerings and in YOUR life
How might even THIS be trying to help you in some way?
Don’t even ATTEMPT to do All The Things – choose the practice/s and offering/s that resonate the most and ENJOY what feels good.

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