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If you’ve had a look at my site, ways of working and fees etc and would like to find out more, you can call or email me now to arrange a free telephone consultation.

Email or phone +353 (0)98 63645 or +44 (0)7584354963.

These free telephone consultations usually take less than 20 minutes. It’s a chance to give you a sense of how comfortable you feel talking to me – it can be anxiety inducing seeking support! – and for me to see if I feel like I can help you at this time.

Seeking supervision?

If you’re looking for online integrative supervision, this initial call can help us both discover more about each other’s approach to help us get a sense of how well we might work together.

I see supervision as collaborative and supportive for both you and your practice.

The initial and later sessions are usually 90 minutes but if you have additional supervision, you may only need 60 minutes.

Mostly by telephone or online (via secure video conferencing), I have some availability for face to face supervision in Westport, Co Mayo, Ireland and Colchester, Essex, UK.

Self-care coaching or therapy?

For online counselling and coaching clients (with some availability for face to face counselling in Westport, Co Mayo, Ireland and Colchester, Essex, UK), this telephone consultation will be a chance for you to tell me what you want my support with.

You’ll get a better sense of how comfortable you feel talking to me and I’ll be able to tell if your issue/s are something I can support you with and the best way of potentially working together moving forward.

What happens if we choose to work together?

You can book an initial 60 minute session or a 2 hour Single Session Therapy or Breakthrough Coaching Session

Either way, I start by asking a lot of questions (it’s still always your time and space so if you don’t want to answer something, that’s fine), get a better sense of the best way to work with you and, if there’s time, also share a tool or two so you can start helping yourself immediately.

Most integrative therapy (psychosynthesis counselling with coaching, yoga, NLP, EFT and crystals) clients then continue with open-ended sessions at the same time each week.

If you have a set amount of sessions in mind, we can discuss this early on and I’ll adapt my approach accordingly.

Self-care coaching with NLP clients usually opt for less frequent sessions.

For some people and issues, Single Session Therapy or a Breakthrough Coaching Session is enough on its own. By using most of the session to focus on the most pressing issue, you’ll leave with a roadmap which, if you’re motivated, will help you without needing to return for ongoing counselling or coaching.

And, of course, if things change, you’re very welcome to come back if you feel ongoing support will be helpful.

As well as being available by telephone and online (secure video conferencing), I also have some availability for face to face Single Session Therapy and Breakthrough Coaching Sessions in Westport, Co Mayo, Ireland and Colchester, Essex, UK.

Email or phone +353 (0)98 36345 / +44 (0)7584 354963 today to book your free telephone consultation today.

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