Continuing with our base chakra journey, this week, we’re looking at ways in which you can use your environment(s) to better support you in all you do…

The base chakra is all about safety, security, money, direction in life and our homes (and workspaces and cars – […]

How do you feel in your body as you contemplate money?

Money is a base chakra issue and it can be stressful for many people to even think about. The more […]

Our chakra journey ~ Love your WHOLE self 2024 ~ starts today!

I’ll be sharing elements of it on the blog each Monday (subscribers get theirs Sunday mornings). There’s no ‘too late’ […]

Would you like to send some love to every aspect of your life in 2024?

Read on for more on the chakra healing journey you’re invited on with weekly themes around each month’s chakra. I’m […]

Highlights from IACP’s conference on intergenerational trauma, addiction and recovery

This Tune In* Tuesday post is about a gorgeous day I attended in Dublin recently and the ensuing healing crisis** […]

A physical and energetic new start for the Celtic New Year – Happy Samhain!

This Tune In* Tuesday post is designed to help you use the powerful letting go energies of Samhain to declutter […]

Go where you feel appreciated. Welcome. Safe. Loved.

This Tune In* Tuesday, we’re still (see yesterday’s Embodied Wellbeing post and Sunday’s Personal Peace) working with Bullying Awareness Month […]