Continuing with our base chakra journey, this week, we’re looking at ways in which you can use your environment(s) to better support you in all you do…

The base chakra is all about safety, security, money, direction in life and our homes (and workspaces and cars – […]

All of Us Strangers

This powerful ghost story may well save lives… Unlike my usual film related (aka Couch Coaching) posts (You can read […]

Do more of what you LOVE and what comes EASILY in 2024 and beyond

Spoiler alerts from Pixar’s delightful Elemental… This delightful Pixar film has all kinds of beautiful messages about immigration, refugees being […]

Move to the rhythm of your own breath

This week, we’re taking inspiration from Where the Crawdads Sing and looking at ways in which you can reconnect or […]

Does the idea of time with your extended family feel like torture?

Many people with trauma histories (or grief and loss of any kind) find family gatherings especially triggering. These simple self […]

Coach Coaching: Self care ideas from Elvis

Am still a bit heartbroken after seeing Elvis the other night, knowing that financial exploitation in music and film (and […]