Wanderland author Jini Reddy on self care through reading and nature

Jini Reddy is the author of Wanderland, shortlisted for the Stanford Dolman Award for Travel Book of the Year and for the Wainwright Prize. She has contributed to anthologies, including the landmark Woman on Nature, and her first book, Wild Times won the book prize at the British Guild of Travel Writers Awards.

As a journalist and travel writer she has written widely for national print and digital media – everyone from The Guardian to TIME magazine. In 2019, Jini was named a National Geographic Woman of Impact. In her work,  she increasingly occupies a fertile cross-cultural, cross-genre space where place, spirituality, and culture meet.

In addition to her writing Jini speaks at festivals and events and coaches aspiring writers. She was born in the UK to parents of Indian descent from South Africa and raised in Montreal, Quebec. She now lives in southwest London.

You can reach Jini on Instagram @jinireddy20 and via jinireddy.co.uk


When did you last stay in bed in the morning to READ? I’ve been doing this again when I can lately and it feels like the height of indulgence.

Let me know in the comments!


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