Author and vaginal health herbalist Kathie Bishop on creating conditions for creativity and other daily self care

Consulting vaginal health herbalist, Kathie Bishop MNIMH is the founder of Into the Wylde, an award winning natural, organic and vegan intimate lubricant brand, as well as helping people with their vaginal health at The Wylde Herbalist.

She is the author of It’s Your Power Portal: Take Control of Your Vaginal Health with Herbal and Holistic Care, published by Aeon in April 2022, and is the recipient of the Innovation in Practice Award from The National Institute of Medical Herbalists in 2021.

Kathie truly believes that the world needs more feminine power, creativity, leadership, and it is her hope that through healing our, and society’s, relationship with the vagina, whose name is so often dared not spoken, we can have a greater impact for good in the work we create, do and embody.


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I started The Feel Better Every Day Podcast because I realised that even with the focus of my work being self and Self care (for 20 years now!), I often struggle. And so do so many of my colleagues. We’re all human! So I interviewed several of them including neuroscientists, authors writing about health and wellbeing, fitness professionals, therapists, coaches, energy workers and medical professionals.

We ALL have gaps and even gulfs between what we would LOVE to be doing for ourselves each day and what we actually do. My hope with each episode is that you’ll go easier on yourself and do something rather than nothing from your own ideal self or Self care repertoire. Create a life you don’t need to retreat from! Let me know how you get on! I really love hearing from y’all.


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