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Call of the Wild Online Membership Programme ~ From €20 pcm (for as long as you remain a member)

Do you ever get the sense that your problems are trying to tell you something?

That if you could only understand more, you could trust in life, go with the flow (even when times are challenging) and stay resourceful and connected?

A big wake up call a couple of years ago led to my getting very grounded and still as I prepared to move to a place I’d never heard of in another country because it felt like the sea and the mountains were calling me.

What started out as being upset over politics turned into an amazing transformative move and I’ve never been happier.

It’s so easy to feel stuck and like we should be ‘thinking positive’ when life feels sucky and we’re in mental, physical, emotional and/or spiritual pain.

But we are all so much more than whatever we’ve survived or are dealing with.

This unique online membership programme will help you listen to your inner wild person.

To connect with your body’s wisdom.

And to your Miraculous Self / True Self / Atma / Higher Self / Self – that intuitive part of yourself that knows each next best step.

This enforced global retreat, slowing down, can be a time to reflect, journal and regroup.

I have lots of free and almost free Be Your Own Self Care Coach resources throughout the site but this Call of the Wild ~ Take Better Care of Your Self online membership programme is more structured to help you work with mind, body, heart and soul.

If you sign up to this membership, each month, you’ll get an email link to a special:

  • EFT script video
  • bespoke yoga nidra
  • journal prompts to help you work with the seasonal energies and lunar cycle

In addition, each week, you’ll get an email focusing on mind one week, body the next, heart the next and then soul.

The Be Your Own Self Care Coach tools draw on my background and experience in coaching, therapy, yoga, mindfulness and other meditation, crystals, EFT, NLP and more.

During mind weeks, we’ll work with intentions, mindset and goal setting. We’ll also look at ways in which you can harness the power of your unconscious mind.

During body weeks, you’ll learn ways in which you can connect with your body’s wisdom in a safe, fun and sustainable way.

During heart weeks, we’ll work with the emotions as well as ways in which you can connect with what makes your heart sing, loved ones, your wider community and, of course, with the world at large. We may all be social distancing / self-isolating at the moment but connection has never been more important.

During soul weeks, we’ll work with your dreams and explore what may be trying to emerge from life’s lessons at a soul level. We’ll also work with oracle card and other readings.

There are no lengthy contracts, just a month’s notice anytime you want to cancel.

I look forward to helping you listen and learn from your own call of the wild.

With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

Tel: +353 (0)87 262 9084 / +44 (0)7584 354963 / +353 98 63645

Online and telephone self care coaching, therapy, yoga, supervision and more.

Westport, Co Mayo, Republic of Ireland and Colchester, Essex, UK.

(c) Eve Menezes Cunningham 2004-2020. All rights reserved.

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