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Watch this (above) interview from BBC’s Look East (aired on Brexit Day, 31st January, 2020)

Click HERE to hear me talking to Dave Monk on BBC Essex about my move from Witham, Essex, to Westport, Co Mayo, Ireland and becoming a Brexile.

Click HERE to hear me talking to Eleanor Prendergast on CFCfm about 365 Ways to Feel Better: Self-care Ideas for Embodied Wellbeing and my move from the east of England to west of Ireland.

Read this interview as part of a wider Telegraph feature about moving to the country as a single person.

Read this Western People piece about the move.

Read this piece from when I was planning the move: Metro ~ Look What Brexit Made Me Do: I’m selling my house and heading to Ireland with my cat

Brexit blogs by Eve Menezes Cunningham with self care ideas for managing the anxiety

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