I hope you enjoy these videos I created to accompany my book, 365 Ways to Feel Better: Self-care Ideas for Embodied Wellbeing. While they’ll make more sense if you have the book (in terms of the benefits for our mental and emotional health and wellbeing), I hope you’ll find them helpful even if you don’t.

Access EFT videos HERE

Access the crystal video HERE

Introduction to the videos – click HERE

Mindful breathing – click HERE for peace, calm, better concentration and more

Dirga – click HERE or the video below to create space in your lungs and in your life

Ujjayi  – click HERE for a soothing breath practice you can do with most yoga poses

Alternate Nostril Breathing – click HERE to bring balance to both sides of the brain and your nervous system

Chanting – click HERE to use your voice, calm the system and add another element to your mindfulness practice

3 part breath – click HERE to breathe into every part of your lungs and get a better sense of yourself

Kapalabhati – click HERE to cleanse the respiratory tract and energise yourself

Brahmari – click HERE to reduce rumination, improve your mood and, potentially, your memory

Grounding and centring – click HERE and the video below



Yogic twists – click HERE

Triangle – click HERE or the video below

Restorative Fish – click HERE to boost your mood, open your heart and relax into all the support available to you

Heart openers and Warrior II – click HERE to empower yourself and open up both physically and metaphorically

Sphinx, Cobra and Up Dog – click HERE to enhance your mood

Pigeon – click HERE to release old emotions

Bow – click HERE to better handle life’s stresses

Lion – click HERE to roar away any obstacles, use your voice and release tension

Bridge – click HERE to aid sleep (when done earlier in the day) and open up through the whole of the body

Forward Folds – click HERE to prepare for sleep or meditation

Cat/Cow – click HERE for an abdominal and spinal stretch and to deepen your mind/body connection by connecting your movement, easily, with your breath

Hare – click HERE to let go of any of life’s headaches

Down Dog – click HERE or video below to build strength and find balance

Tree – click HERE to improve balance and ground more deeply while reaching for the sun or stars

Camel – click HERE for a little backbend and heart opening mood boost

Legs Up Wall, Shoulder Stand and Plough – click HERE to shift your perspective and potentially deepen rest and feel more confident

Savasana – click HERE to release any stresses, aches, pains, tensions and, with practice, to retrain the nervous system