Praise for 365 Ways to Feel Better: Self-care Ideas for Embodied Wellbeing

‘This book will transform your life. Radical self-care in easy baby steps, what’s not to love?’ ~ Suzy Walker (formerly Suzy Greaves), Psychologies Editor and author of Making the Big Leap 

Janey Lee Grace

365 Ways to Feel Better by Eve Menezes Cunningham Platinum Award winner 2018

‘It’s hard to imagine a more useful book than the one you’re holding in your hands. What Eve Menezes Cunningham has gathered here are easy to implement small changes that can keep you moving forward into greater well-being. Buy this book, make a note on your calendar that you’re starting a new year of positive activity, do the first exercise. Then do the next one tomorrow. Simple as that. Keep it up and you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come after 365 days of taking small actions.’ ~ Barbara J. Winter, author, Making a Living Without a Job and Winning Ways newsletter

‘I am a great believer that we transform our lives through the cumulative effect of countless baby steps. Eve has done a remarkable job of pulling together 366 daily steps to help you live a happier, healthier, freer and more fulfilled life. Let her be your inspiring guide for your year.’ Nick Williams, best-selling author of fourteen books including The Work We Were Born To Do

‘This is a fabulous book. So very well thought out, planned and executed and with a wonderful accessible yet respectful style. Buy yourself this book and sit down and devour it in the way that suits you best. Then buy a copy for someone else.’ Debra Jinks, co-author of Personal Consultancy: A Model for Integrating Counselling and Coaching

‘An interesting read which takes a range of theories, some traditional and some not, and applies them to the human condition.  Written in an accessible style, a book that many will find of value.’ Gladeana McMahon, FAC, FBACP,FIMS, FIMS, FRSA, Chair Emeritus, Association for Coaching UK and author of books including Resilience: A Practical Guide

‘Rich, extensive content covering a wide range of holistic principles and practices made very attainable for anyone to use. A wealth of options for managing being human.’ ~ Gill Fennings-Monkman MBE, Past Chair of BACP Coaching

‘I love how digestible the daily readings are. Motivational and not dictatorial. Love the language. Delicious.’ ~ Ani Richardson, author of Love or Diet: Nurture Yourself and Release the Need to be Comforted by Food

‘What a fabulous concept, 366 ways to feel better every day! If living a happy, loving and healthier life is of interest to you then pick up this book. Something here for everyone. Packed with inspiring ideas to get you off the sofa and deep into the possibilities of your life. Wish I had something like this a few years back.’ Steve Ahnael Nobel, author of The Prosperity Game

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