e.g. which directory / what did you search for (if you remember)?
Imagine I have a magic wand. How do you hope I can help you? (I don’t have a magic wand but your answer will help me assess if I can support you at this time).
Clinical supervision? Trauma therapy? Psychosynthesis counselling? Self care coaching? Yoga therapy? NLP? EFT? Crystal Coaching? Please note as many as appeal.
You may not know and that’s absolutely fine but this information helps me assess if I can support you at this time.
Sessions are confirmed by payment being received within 24 hours of the booking being agreed. If you give less than 48 hours’ notice (if ever cancelling), you pay for the session. This policy goes both ways (if I ever give less notice, you get a free session). There are no exceptions.
Sessions are generally weekly or less frequently so, ultimately, your success depends on what YOU do between sessions.
Please indicate the best time/s of day/week (or specific times this week). I’ll then offer you a time as close to that as possible so you can ring for your free, no obligation telephone consultation.