Beyond burnout

Burnout can feel like you’ll never be OK again but it CAN be a clue to help you pivot to more play and pleasure

Read on for more on how we might work together (one to one or as part of the Embodied Wellbeing community) to help you feel better beyond burnout (as well as, when possible, preventing it). You can also scroll down for immediate access to simple and effective self care ideas, resources and practices you can start implementing right now for instant results.

The HPA-Axis can reach a point where we no longer need a stressful thought let alone life or death situation to flood our entire system with stress hormones. This, with time, means that anxiety too easily tips into burnout. Thankfully, with practice, you can retrain and heal your nervous system and gain a better understanding of your whole self for long term improvements.

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If I hadn’t burned out, I wouldn’t be doing this work I adore. I read Dr Dina Glouberman’s The Joy of Burnout while signed off for anxiety 20 years ago and handed in my notice as I realised my soul needed something very different (as well as a chronic pain condition meaning full time work was too challenging).

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My Psychologies interview with Dr Dina Glouberman (August 2022). READ IT HERE

My work is focused around self and Self care and I STILL have to be mindful (at least I catch myself earlier now) of a tendency (exacerbated by ADHD, perimenopause and menopause) to be so all or nothing

Even though I’ve presented at therapy conferences on self care for burnout, I’ve had to learn more self compassion. We live in a world which glorifies work work work, go go go and our nervous systems need balance and REST.

I love helping people like you to make healthier more sustainable choices to not only support your health and wellbeing but enhance your creativity and (I hate saying this because it’s really not the point) productivity.

All my work is collaborative so the choice about the direction we take and tools you learn is entirely up to you. The fact that you’re even reading this, looking for support and knowing you can improve things is a big step. 

I use a range of tools (click HERE for more information) depending on what you want support with and the ways of working you’re most drawn to. 

Get in touch today if my approach appeals and you’d like to learn to retrain yourself to:

  • recover from burnout
  • get better at recognising the signs and minimising burnout relapses
  • accept your humanity and work WITH your whole self
  • completely rehaul your lifestyle (and workstyle) and schedule to follow what makes your heart sing and lifts your soul

As Dr Dina Glouberman said when she guested on The Feel Better Every Day Podcast, she’d ALWAYS worked long and hard. She experienced burnout only when her heart was divided from her joy.

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We’re wired to thrive when we feel safe, welcome and loved. It’s basic Polyvagal Theory Your whole self is welcome in the Embodied Wellbeing community – join today at

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