Opening your heart – to yourself and others

When I first started my crystal therapy training in 2000, I thought I was having a heart attack during an early rose quartz meditation. When I was told not to worry, it was just my heart chakra unblocking, I didn’t want it to! I was scared! But we’ll move gently into this gorgeous energy centre as we continue our Love your WHOLE self chakra journey

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The heart chakra is the bridge between the lower and upper parts of our body, between ourselves and others.

When this heart chakra energy is in balance, we’re openhearted, WHOLE hearted. We give care, love and anything else from a place of ease and abundance.

We recognise the connection between ourselves and all the other people and creatures we share this wondrous world with.

When it’s not balanced, we may find ourselves acting in codependent ways or shutting down to others.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be exploring:

  • that bridge between heaven and earth, body and mind
  • connection
  • self love
  • love for others
  • codependence
  • what makes out hearts sink
  • what makes our hearts SING
  • our actual heart health and
  • grounding our work with the heart chakra

There’ll be self and Self care coaching, psychosynthesis, NLP, yoga (poses and breath practices), meditations, EFT and more.

This week, give yourself a break

Rubbing the palms of your hands together, when they feel warm and possibly tingly, gently place them on your heart centre.

Say, ‘Hello there, Hearty McHeartface!’ or address your own lovely heart however you choose to do so.

Ask your heart centre:

What do you NEED from me right now?

What do you need from me moving forward?

What would soothe you right now?

Be open to expected and unexpected answers and HONOUR your heart by being extra gentle with yourself.

Let me know how you get on!

And if you haven’t already watched or listened, I hope you’ll enjoy the fantabulous Louise Brown episode of The Feel Better Every Day Podcast and have more compassion for ALL your self and Self care needs.

le grá,

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