Grounding our work with the solar plexus chakra

How have you found these past few weeks? As always, when focusing on any area of life, an enormous amount has come up for healing for me – old anxieties. Reminders to use the nervous system regulation tools myself and not shame spiral and try to make myself tiny. How about you?

What helps you feel grounded and relaxed as you step more and more into your power?
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And are you ready to amp up that compassion for yourself and others as we move up into the heart chakra next week?

Before we do so, I encourage you to take this time to go back over the solar plexus themes that you want to revisit / didn’t get a chance to explore.

You can start this Love your WHOLE self 2024 chakra journey any time with any chakra AND, moving up helps ground everything.

You can also tune into the solar plexus chakra supporting podcast episodes by watching or listening to Marilyn Devonish, Dr Karen Ward, Karen Moxom, Leonie Dawson, Chris Oxborrow, Josephine Hughes and Dr Miguel Toribio-Mateas HERE

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