How to trust your gut more…

Progress not perfection (as with everything) but even learning to trust your gut a LITTLE more can have life changing benefits.

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As we continue the solar plexus part of our Love your WHOLE self chakra journey, this week’s focus is on the gut, belly and torso. Read on for more on the gut-brain-axis, trusting your gut even when you’re scared and how your gut, stomach and torso issues may be trying to HELP you…

Do you eat and drink to nourish your gut-brain-axis?

Thursday’s guest on The Feel Better Every Day Podcast is Dr Miguel Toribio-Mateas, the fantabulous neuroscientist and gut brain expert (and soon to be author of Thrive with ADHD).

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While Dr Miguel’s inspiring, you probably already have a good sense as to whether or not what you’re eating and drinking and when (I know that late night vegan pizza, delicious as it is, does NOT support great sleep and energy but… at least other nights I eat gut brain friendlier foods and do so earlier)

Trusting your gut can be scary but is so worth it

The latest Feel Better Every Day Podcast episode stars the fantabulous Josephine Hughes With her Gloriously Unready podcast and Good Enough Counsellors group and now podcast I can only IMAGINE how scared she might have been owning the part of HERSELF that worried about not being good enough but sensing she was not the only one.

Since setting up the group several years ago, she’s been joined by thousands of counsellors and therapists all soothing and supporting that vulnerable part of ourselves. And, with Gloriously Unready, she’s doing the same for who knows how many trans people and parents and other family members by sharing elements of her own and others’ journeys as they learned how to love better along the way.

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Whether you want to grab your journal or not, place your hands on your own belly (maybe rub the palms together to generate some warmth, care, love and healing to send it before doing so).

Ask yourself, What does trusting my gut mean for me right now?

You can take things slow.

You don’t have to even ACT on this wisdom and insight, simply notice it.

Ask yourself (whether planning to act on it or not), what might support you in feeling safer, more secure and making the whole process as gentle as possible?

Let me know!

How might your gut, stomach and torso issues be trying to HELP you?

I shared how learning to understand how ovary pain was trying to help me meant my body coached me to speak up for myself in Metro last year

You might simply ask your gut / stomach / torso issue(s):

  • What do you NEED from me?
  • How is this pain (etc) trying to HELP me?

And I KNOW you’ll be surprised by the gut instinct and embodied wisdom you already have. Give yourself some time and space to really explore this – especially if you’ve never done it before. Tell your gut/stomach/torso you’re ready to learn and to make things better for them and for you.

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The Hay House founder was such a pioneer in the use of body as metaphor and her interpretations in Love Your Body and Heal Your Body and sometimes, what she says will resonate and other times it won’t. Either way, it’ll begin to give you some language to move on from. It might be that reading it you think, ‘Of course! Or, No, it’s trying to say _____’ and surprise yourself by already knowing exactly how your gut/stomach/torso is trying to help you do better by it and your whole self.

Let me know how you get on!

Le grá,

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