How I (mostly) stopped worrying about being thrown off the planet on an almost daily basis

As we continue with the solar plexus chakra work on the Love your WHOLE self chakra journey, we’re shining a light on the thing that gets in the way of you letting yourself SHINE. Fear of exile…

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I could say my extreme fear of being thrown off the planet was down to being Indian Irish, London born and mostly raised in a very white part of Essex that led to this fear of dire consequences for making even one false step but neither of my parents or brother relate so…

Still, am happy to report that I now very RARELY worry about such things. And, having moved to Ireland in 2019, a place I have a blood link to for the first time and where I’m an Irish Citizen as well as being an immigrant (having moved here for a better life) and – as a vegan in farm country with amazing neighbours, some of whom have lived on their land for several generations – a ‘blow in’, the fear is downgraded from being thrown off Earth itself to just being deported. And when it crops up periodically, it’s almost instantly soothed.

The late 40s ROCK and I feel more grounded and secure on the planet and in my own self and body.

I’ve also become a gazillion times better at sending myself some self compassion (the ULTIMATE simple but not easy way to feel better almost instantly about almost anything).

But while it may SEEM like an unnatural fear, it’s actually pretty logical when we remind ourselves that while there is that part of many of us that wants to:

  • live up to our potential
  • experience more and push our limits
  • make a positive impact in our own lives, the lives of loved ones and the world at large
  • be our full, whole, authentic selves
  • EXPRESS our full selves
  • be empowered in order to make positive changes in our own lives
  • to fearlessly stand and speak up for others in need of support (locally and across the globe) and
  • so much more

we’re wired to fear exile because exile for our ancient ancestors meant almost certain death.

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Think about an area in your life and/or work right now where you feel vulnerable and exposed

You might want to journal around it or simply think about it… Notice what’s coming up for you as you connect with the fear as well as the excitement.

It may be an amazing opportunity that you’ve been working towards for ages.

It may be something more sudden and unexpected where you’ve felt you’ve had to step up and speak up, in your personal life, community or elsewhere.

Notice what you’re feeling in your body right now, even as you think about it. If you record yourself doing this as a form of embodied journalling, you’ll be able to watch or listen back and notice any changes in your posture, skin tone, voice etc for additional information.

Instead of dismissing your fear as ridiculous, honour it.

Listen to it.

How is it trying to protect you?

From criticism?

From worse?

What can you do to reassure that fearful part of yourself, the part that fears being thrown off the planet or your own version of that?

How can you soothe it and your amygdala (the alarm bell of the brain) and nervous system?

Moving it out of your body can be really beneficial (whether through a walk or run or some yoga or whatever feels good for you).

You might do some Tapping to release it too BUT before that, you might want to BEFRIEND it. Do some shadow work with it and HARVEST that power.

This week’s trauma informed self paced self care recordings

Full members of the Embodied Wellbeing community have this week’s:

  • introduction to the practices to support you when you might be feeling wobbly or fearing exile
  • unique yoga nidra to remind you you’re so much MORE than that part of you that fears exile and to help you relax deeply, harness the power of the unconscious mind and shine in a more gentle, easy way than you might have imagined
  • a gorgeous, uplifting, energising breath practice (Kapalabhati) to exile (but in a good way) staleness from the lungs, LIFT the nervous system (great way to wake up your whole self whether you need more energy in the morning or later in the day) and empower you
  • an EFT Tapping meditation and
  • full access to the archive of rich recordings including all the Base Chakra ones for extra support when feeling wobbly.

You can find out more and join anytime

We’re wired to thrive when we feel safe, welcome and loved. It’s basic Polyvagal Theory Your whole self is welcome in the Embodied Wellbeing community – join today at

The Feel Better Every Day Podcast

The latest episode is my interview with the fantabulous Chris Oxborrow. She’s doing amazing work supporting neurodivergent therapists (myself included) with her online community and even listening back to our interview when I was editing it all made me well up – happy tears that she, and so many others, are putting themselves out there, even when scared, to help make the world a better place for us all.


I’m mentioning the brilliant Leonie Dawson again here as you might want to watch/listen or rewatch/relisten to her gorgeous shiny WHOLE self showing up in a way that’s created an amazing life for herself and which inspired people around the world (myself included).




And NEXT week, we have the wondrous Josephine Hughes who constantly challenges herself to speak up and stand up and support the trans community and other marginalised groups who inexplicably face so much hate for simply being themselves. Her Gloriously Unready podcast explores what she’s learned as the parent to two adult trans daughters and her new Good Enough Counsellors podcast is also a delight. She stepped up to create the Good Enough Counsellors online space years ago born out of her own fears and in shining a light on them and speaking up, she and her team support thousands of counsellors and therapists through the being human and vulnerable elements of practice.

All episodes come out at 7am on Thursdays (Irish time) so while you can drop in and out whenever you choose, subscribing via your favourite podcast app or Substack and/or YouTube for the videos of our interviews will mean you’re less likely to miss an episode.

Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are in your own personal empowerment journey, I hope you’ll find inspiration and courage and keep on keeping on knowing that while it may feel scary, YOU’RE NOT ALONE


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