‘I worked out really early on that it’s way more fun to be ALL of me’ ~ Leonie Dawson

As we continue our solar plexus work on the Love your WHOLE self chakra journey, this week’s theme is authenticity. So I’m delighted to be letting you know that next week’s podcast guest is the fantabulously 100% herself Leonie Dawson

Read on for a simple way to support your own authenticity and more. You can join the Embodied Wellbeing community for bonus material for all members and self paced self care recordings for full members.

We’re wired to thrive when we feel safe, welcome and loved. It’s basic Polyvagal Theory Your whole self is welcome in the Embodied Wellbeing community – join today at evemc.substack.com

Grab your journal or any paper and pen

List all the people you admire for being their (seemingly – who knows what’s going on in anyone else’s insides) full authentic selves.

Owning their shadows

What might you be projecting onto them? The fact that you ADMIRE them means you have those qualities within yourself.

How might you find the courage to express those parts of yourself more fully?

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The more we shine a light on WHATEVER is coming up for healing, the more we transform.

Snorkelling at Achill Island | photo by Eve Menezes Cunningham 2024

Many of my lovely The Feel Better Every Day Podcast guests embody a glorious authenticity I feel better from being around


This week’s, Dr Karen Ward, integrated Irish Celtic Shamanic work and psychotherapy to develop the Energy Therapy Technique. I had the honour of training with her as a Moon Mna Celtic Women’s Circles facilitator when I first moved to Ireland and her deep deep work with the sacred landscape and Divine Feminine helped me heal parts of myself that I thought would never heal.

‘I worked out really early on that it’s way more fun to be ALL of me’ ~ Leonie Dawson

And for the NEXT episode (Thursday morning at 7am Irish time – subscribe here, to YouTube and / or your preferred podcast platform to get immediate access), I’m delighted to be sharing my interview with the fantabulous Leonie Dawson.

This week’s self paced self care

Full members of the Embodied Wellbeing community will receive your unique yoga nidra, a crystal energy cleanse to release blocks to being yourself, an EFT meditation to help you soothe your nervous system and release blocks while finding the courage to be you, a couple of yoga poses to support you in connecting with that grounded nourishing earth energy to support yourself as you let yourself shine and stand tall and more…



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