How to feel more comfortable as you empower yourself

Read on for self care ideas and resources to help you support yourself as we continue our Love your WHOLE self chakra journey and working with the solar plexus chakra (which impacts our torso and stomach as well as our relationship with confidence, authenticity, trusting our gut, social justice, personal empowerment, fear of exile and more)

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While last week’s post was an introduction to the solar plexus chakra and addressed some of the resistance many feel to empowering ourselves, this week, we’re going for it.

DOING the things.

It’s so important to support the nervous system to make life easier and more comfortable.

Also working WITH conflicted parts rather than continuing to attempt to supress them. LISTENING to the part of yourself that is ready to step up, be brave, claim your power and embody it in any given situation.

And listening to the part or even parts of yourself that are terrified, resistant, overwhelmed and more.

You may already be familiar with the idea of POWERful goal setting but, be honest, when did you last DO it?

You can watch this video on sankalpas as part of the yoga nidra series I made HERE

Working with your sankalpa for your yoga nidra (harnessing the power of the unconscious mind to help that attainment of your positive intention or resolve feel SO much easier and natural – YOU HAVE THE POWER) and making goal setting and goal attainment much easier.

In the self paced self care recordings that full members of the Embodied Wellbeing community will receive this morning, there’ll be self paced self care recordings to help you:

  • work with your nervous system as you develop the confidence to empower yourself
  • work with the most impacted subpersonalities (or parts) of yourself as you step up and heal whatever’s coming up for healing for you
  • create or fine tune your sankalpa
  • set POWERful goals and
  • RELAX into a more embodied and empowered way of being through this week’s yoga nidra All designed to help you dive deeper as you empower yourself

You can join the Embodied Wellbeing community as a free subscriber or upgrade from as little as €1.54 per week.

You can also empower yourself with a holistic way to support yourself in reaching your goal by watching this mini series I made about the (neuro)logical levels in NLP

Episode 1 explores figuring out what you want

Episode 2 looks at ways in which our environment can either move us closer or further

Episode 3 looks at how what we do impacts us making our goal a reality (or not)

Episode 4 explores our skills and capabilities

Episode 5 looks at beliefs and values

Episode 6 looks at the way you see yourself and the impact that has

Episode 7 explores purpose, meaning and spirituality as they can help us

Episode 8 looks at embodying each level and putting those insights into practice

I find inspirational people (fictional, historical or real) help empower me to do what I can in my own area and this week’s guest on The Feel Better Every Day Podcast is powerhouse Karen Falconer

You can watch or listen HERE

You can also join me in finding inspiration from film, TV, music and books with the Sofa Session blog posts

As always, I love hearing how you’re getting on.

With love,

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