How to connect with your personal power

We’re moving into the solar plexus chakra as we continue the Love your WHOLE self 2024 chakra journey. In the coming weeks, you’ll be learning more about how you can step into and stay in your power, to feel safe enough to be yourself, to work with fear of exile (however unconscious it may be, it keeps a lot of people playing smaller as we’re wired to fit in for survival), social justice and of course the part of the body most affected – the stomach and lower torso area.

image of Eve Menezes Cunningham doing yoga in Murrisk, Co Mayo

As we begin the journey this week, remembering all you’ve learned with the work you’ve already done (or can go back to) on the base chakra (to support safety and security, grounding to reach higher) and sacral chakra (about moving towards pleasure and trusting in yourself and in life) just notice what comes up for you as you even THINK about power.

In what felt like a teeny tiny power grab, there was this morning’s yoga practice

I had an epiphany in the pool yesterday (at time of writing) that with my shoulder the way it is, my physiotherapy is my current yoga practice. To let go of my sorrow at not being able to do a Proper Practice which hurts my shoulder and knees too much.

This morning’s practice was a delight! I felt icky and off and didn’t want to get onto the mat at ALL but reminded myself that I have the power, in any given moment, to DO the thing that will (or even may) help me feel better.

It’s up to ME to do the things that will (or even might) help me feel better. It’s up to me to empower myself to TAKE those tiny positive steps and create and sustain healthy, happy habits and routines.

And up to YOU. What is one thing in your life right now that you have the power to do to ease your experience of life in some way?

When can you do it?

You might also want to grab a pen and jot down the names of the people and situations that spring to mind when you think about power

Noticing how you FEEL about the first people who sprang to mind will give you some insight into how you feel about power. How you might be scared of it corrupting you and unconsciously or even consciously pushing it away.

Who on your list is someone you ADMIRE?

Who are you SCARED of? Or of becoming like?

When you let yourself imagine yourself owning your own power, in service of others and the world at large, what does that look like and feel like?

Let me know in the comments.

You have the power to choose where you focus your attention

We’ll be working more with this in the Embodied Wellbeing community. I’ll also be sharing some personal examples of my own ongoing (like healing, not linear) journey with empowerment from attending a Women and Power conference in NYC when I first started my practice in 2004 (and where the first press conference I attended as a brand new freelance journalist was with V (formerly known as Eve Ensler), Jane Fonda, Sally Field and amazing activists from around the world. I got to MEET Gloria Steinem but she’d had to leave before the press conference. And this weekend, 20 years later, as I’ve been stepping into my own power more and more, I’ll be attending my first therapy conference as the Editor-in-Chief of the Irish Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy (but know enough now to help me keep grounding and feel pretty relaxed about the whole thing, enjoying meeting my IACP colleagues).

I’ve also been massively conscious of my own relationship with power as I’ve learned to drive and gone from someone so terrified of the power of the machine (little Skoda CityGo I call Beatrice Lobster) I was scared to turn the key in the ignition to someone who now embodies safe driving and control. I now understand that my being as safe and observant a driver as possible is linked to the ongoing work I’m doing with my own solar plexus chakra and I’ll be sharing more of that with the Embodied Wellbeing community too.

There’s more for the Embodied Wellbeing community but this teeny clip gives some insight into all the guilt I grew up feeling knowing that living in the part of the world I just happened to be born in had ABUSED power and I had a better life than so many because of it.

It’s taken an ENORMOUS amount of work for me to recognise that the more we all step INTO our power, the more we can create a more just, equal, inclusive and peaceful world for EVERYONE

Something that ALWAYS helps me feel more empowered (these past few weeks have been powered by endless listening of Beyoncé’s new album) is listening to inspiring podcasts, watching biopics, or reading memoirs or interviews with people. My hope is that others will be as inspired by some of the guests on my own podcast as I continue to be.

This week’s podcast episode is with powerhouse Marilyn Devonish, a speaker and trainer, multiskilled therapist and coach. I hope listening or watching it and other episodes will empower you in your own life and work.

If you haven’t already (and want to), please share it, rate, review, comment and subscribe.

Let me know how you’re getting on, who your power inspirations are and what you’re going to do to empower yourself this week.

with love,

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