How do you feel about your hips and reproductive area?

As we continue our Love your WHOLE self chakra journey and progress with the sacral chakra area, you’re invited to send some extra love to these parts of the body

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You may have heard a yoga instructor or several tell you that we store a lot of emotion in our hips. This means that when we work with them (by moving and stretching in yoga or having a massage or any kind of touch), we can suddenly feel quite emotional. Triggered even.

It’s such an intimate area, too and yet a lot of the power of emotions stored here is because we DON’T move our hips as much as people in other parts of the world.

Certain types of dance, sitting on the floor beyond childhood and other ways to move (when I get on the back of my partner’s motorbike after a while of not having been for a spin, even though I do daily yoga, I really feel it!) mean we may have more or less flexibility and strength in the hips.

A lot of it is to do with the fascia

This is a membrane that is directly below the skin and covers the entire body. It’s the part of the body that remembers trauma, good feelings and everything in between.

We can use physical gestures in NLP to help us anchor desired states we want to return to (like confidence, excellence and so much more) because it makes the most of this bodily function we all have access to.

The way you feel about your hips and reproductive area is likely to vary depending on your age, gender (and whether you’re cis or transgender), if you’ve had kids, want kids, couldn’t have them etc etc and so many other factors but right here, right now, how do you feel?

How might you send this sacral area of your body some love?

If it feels comfortable for you to tune into your body, make yourself comfortable and rub the palms of the hands together. When you’ve created some warmth, place them gently on your hips and/or reproductive area.

Imagine sending warmth, love, care, kindness, compassion, understanding and anything else these often neglected parts of the body may benefit from.

How does this feel?

How else might you be kinder to your hips and reproductive area this week and beyond?

What kind of movement do you crave? I love swimming and stretching out underwater. You might love to dance. We don’t have to dance or look like Shakira to benefit. Your body is beautiful and deserves to feel whole, complete, appreciated and even adored.

Stretch. Whatever feels good. Notice it and do it more often and on purpose.

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