This is NOT an April Fools joke. What might help you feel more confident about trusting yourself, life and love?

We continue our sacral chakra journey with some simple self care ideas to support you in opening up to all the good life has to offer. Challenging with trauma histories but exceedingly worth it

trust goes both ways
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Read on for some simple self care ideas to support you and a new podcast episode with the fantabulous Gill Fennings

Extra Embodied members will receive your self paced self care goodies by Tuesday. These recordings are designed to help you release blocks to trusting when it’s safe and good to trust (discernment is always a good thing) and to support you in opening up to life and love. Including more self love.


Trust your mind

Do you remember the meme about the little bird on the edge of the branch knowing it was safe to relax there because they trusted their wings so weren’t dependent on the branch staying steady?

The more we trust ourselves, the easier it is to trust in life and in others. When we know we’ve got our OWN backs, we can lean into all the love and goodness life has to offer.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t times when we feel like we don’t have it within us and have to decide whether to trust completely or pause and regroup but we can build our capacity to trust in life and love by consciously strengthening ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

What supports would help you feel better able to trust and, if necessary, let go?

Trust your body

Our bodies KNOW what’s good for us. We just have to undo lifetimes of conditioning around knowing what we know and start paying closer attention, supporting our nervous systems by TRUSTING them.

Moving towards what feels good and away from what doesn’t for ventral vagal wellness

Consider any person or situation you’re currently unsure about. When you ground yourself and ask yourself, Do I trust this? how do you FEEL in your body?

Pay attention to those clues and cues.

Is there lightness? Heaviness? Tension? Tightness? Expansiveness? Tinging? Warmth? Cold? Anything else?

Get to know your body’s signals for Green, Amber and Red…

It’s as simple and as difficult as letting yourself KNOW what you know. When you consider this scenario, does your heart lift or sink?

You might want to rub the palms of your hands together and gently place them over your heart centre and ASK your heart for more clues and information.

Give yourself some time and space to reflect and journal and do what you know in your heart to be right for you.

Trust your soul

Being in the ocean is an instant reset for me. Looking up at the mountains, feeling the water and thinking I imagine that this is how some people feel when they’re in a church or other religious building.

When it’s not TOO cold I do a mini meditation to release and welcome.

When you imagine yourself (or take yourself physically) to whatever space helps you feel connected to and/or part of the Divine, what additional insights do you have about this situation?

What might be trying to emerge at a soul level?

The Feel Better Every Day Podcast episode 15 with Gill Fennings


If you had a magic wand to help you magically trust in yourself and in life more, what would be different?

What teeny tiny step might you take in that direction even without external magic? You can seriously DO this (make a concerted effort to amp up the self love and trust).

Please feel free to share this post as well as letting me know if you have any questions or comments.

with love,

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